Rotorua to Waitomo, New Zealand

Just outside of Rotorua is the famous Sheep Show at the Agrodome. A Sheep Show sounds rather dull but the experience was more akin to a stand up comedy act. It’s an action-packed hour of farming entertainment and education that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! The energetic Kiwi Farmer and presenter introduced the audience to 19 breeds of sheep; we also witnessed a live sheep shearing demonstration (wow do these shave those guys quickly!) The bubbly farmer often had audience members come on stage, squirting them with cow utter milk and using dogs, ducks and specific sheep in rather hilarious pranks against audience members.

We then continued on to the town of Waitomo famous for its caves. I received a lovely visit from an old friend, Andrew Jordan who I had worked with in Muskoka and hadn’t seen in years. He ate a big burger, I enjoyed another SnakeBite pint (lager, cider and a splash of blackcurrant cordial). The following day we started with a lovely walk  around the Waitomo Caves and finished at the fierce thunder of Huka Falls.



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