Beach Vacation in Krabi, Thailand

I took the over night bus from Bangkok to Krabi leaving at 10pm and arriving in the early morning at the countries southern tourist beach hub. I had left Thailand’s famous beach’s (the countries southern provinces) to the end of my trip. Krabi is a great launching point to discover the Andaman Coast. The two most famous beaches near Krabi are Ton Sai and Rai Leh. Ton Sai is the more backpacker friendly, hippy beach where restaurants and accommodation is more affordable. You guessed it, I stayed here! I spent three nights with my own private room in Ton Sai (10 USD a night) and made some great friends. The sun sets were unforgettable and many of the after dark beach bars glowed at night and served up the fresh catch of the day.

Dramatic karst formations soaring from emerald waters like a surreal dreamscape surround the crescent-shaped coves, creating the illusion of islands rather than a peninsula disconnected from Krabi town by road. These beaches tend to attract a more active crowd of travellers who earn their nightly beers after a day of walking, paddling or rock climbing. I soon discovered that my little beach of Ton Sai is one of the most famous rock climbing sites in the world. The village was noticeably full of incredibly fit (read attractive) Europeans and North Americans who travel around the world to climb huge pieces of jagged rock. I was amazed at their acrobatic abilities and just sort of gaped at them in awe as they used the tips of their toes and fingers to swing around like monkeys several hundred feet above.

My memories of Ton Sai and Rei Leh can be summed up as follows: fire dancing, jelly fish, dramatic isolated cave beaches, penis temple, sun burns, Swedish rock climbers, endless hammock swings, relaxation, happiness and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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