Tero Products Electric Kitchen Composter Review

The trendy Electric Composter is likely to be one of the most popular kitchen gadgets over the next decade. It is soon to be as ubiquitous in family homes as the microwave.

Eco-conscious consumers keen to reduce food waste and their personal impact on the climate crisis have embraced Electric Kitchen Composter technology.

If you’re researching reviews for the best electric composter, we’ve tested Tero Products, a Quebec-based women-led brand.

The Tero composter is a premium product that has been designed to ensure little to no odour, minimal noise, quick cycle time and produces nutrient-rich fertilizer you can use on your indoor plants or outdoor garden.

Read about how easy it is to use this trendy new electric compost bin!

Best Electric Composter

Researching the best electric composter?

Many product innovation experts believe that the electric kitchen composter, a modern day electric compost bin, will be one of the top selling gadgets during the holidays in 2021.

As the negative impacts of climate change continue to be a global hot topic, it’s predicted that within a decade the majority of homes will have their own electric kitchen composter. The compact, eco-friendly devices will perhaps be ubiquitous in kitchens just like microwaves, air fryers and Soda Stream carbonation machines are today.

Here is a list of the top selling electric kitchen composter products on the market today.

  • Tero Products: We have tested the Tero Composter at home and even had a chance to meet the Canadian brands founders to learn more about the development process. The product can be purchased online through their website. $595
  • Vitamix: The Vitamix FoodCycler is a product made by the popular blender brand. It can be purchased at kitchen supply stores and Amazon. $499
  • Pela Earth: Sells the Lomi electric kitchen composter, which can be purchased online. $399
Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté are the founders of Tero Products Electric Composter.
Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté are the founders of Tero Products Electric Composter.

Tero Composter Founders

We had the opportunity to meet the founders of Tero Products, a Quebec-based, women-led company that is innovating the new electric composter industry.

The media event was hosted at Marben Restaurant in downtown Toronto‘s trendy King West Village neighbourhood. The event took place on a sunny day in September, just before Tero Products began shipping out its first devices to their eager customers.

The women-led, eco-friendly, electric composter company was founded by Elizabeth Coulombe and Valérie Laliberté. The two entrepreneurial women developed Tero Products because they are passionate about climate change issues. The first model was developed as part of their graduation project in product design at Université Laval. 

The duo describe their Canadian electric kitchen composter brand vision and mission, “At Tero, our vision is to create a positive social and environmental impact globally by inspiring change in habits in the day-to-day management of food waste. We want to inspire people to take action for the environment by conceiving the best organic waste recycling solutions.”

Living in Quebec City, they did not have access to the municipal composting service and their apartment had no outdoor composting space. They knew indoor composting using earthworms, known as vermicomposting, is not for everyone. They felt there was a lot they could do to make composting finally enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Easily transform your kitchen food waste into fertilizer with Tero.
Easily transform your kitchen food waste into fertilizer with Tero.

Tero Electric Composter Development

They began by meeting with several experts in the field to get an understanding of the life cycle of household waste. They visited the Régie Verte landfill site, the Lévis industrial composting centre and the Quebec City incinerator.

They then questioned, observed and met with several hundred local residents through questionnaires and interviews directly in their homes to learn more about their food waste management experience and to fully understand their needs.

They were surprised to see how complex the management of compostable materials was. They found that the average person really wants to do their part for the environment and are interested in composting, but they are hindered by several obstacles, fears and annoyances.

In October, 2019 Quebec’s soil sisters launched a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter, which raised over $1,750,000 in just one month! The overwhelming success of the campaign showed the duo they had designed a new product with overwhelming demand.

It’s clear families keen to reduce their environmental footprint want a tech-savvy solution that avoids having lunch and dinner leftovers from ending up in CO2 omitting landfills. 

Tero is an electric kitchen composter that easily fits on your counter at home.
Tero is an electric kitchen composter that easily fits on your counter at home.

How Does The Tero Electric Composter Work?

One of the trendiest foodie gadgets to hit shelves in 2021, Tero is an innovative, countertop, electronic composting device. It allows you to easily transform your food waste into fertilizer at home.

The unique technology transforms your everyday food waste into natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can sprinkle on your indoor plants and outdoor garden to ensure they thrive year round.

In just a few hours, Tero’s drying and grinding process reduces the volume of your waste by 90% without any unpleasant odours. Say goodbye to smelly, insect swirling compost bags that leak en route to the the garbage bin!

The Tero container is dishwasher friendly, holds up fo 4L of food waste, is small enough to sit on a kitchen counter and is 200% more effective than the leading food recycler. 

It’s the perfect gift for horticulture lovers and eco-warriors. The device is also kid friendly and a great teaching tool on how to recycle, reduce and reuse!

What Food Can You Put In A Tero Electric Composter?

The nutrient density of the fertilizer will vary from family to family based on eating habits. The product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.

Like many things in life, the more diverse your food waste the better fertilizer you will have to use on your indoor plants and outdoor garden.

Foods That Can Always Go In Your Electric Composter

  • Leftover fruits and vegetables
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • Leftover meats, fish and poultry
  • Small bones of poultry and fish
  • Cereals, grains, nuts, and legumes
  • Coffee grounds, tea bag filling
  • Cheese and dairy solids

Foods That Can Go In Your Tero Composter in Small Doses

  • Sweet cakes and desserts
  • Rice, pasta and other starchy foods
  • Jams and peanut butter
  • Very salty food like pizza or hamburgers
  • Very sweet fruits like banana, grapes and melon
  • High fat foods like dressing and meat fat

Foods That Can Never Go In Your Electric Compost Bin

  • Hard shells such as walnuts, pistachios, oysters, coconut
  • Hard bones from beef and pork
  • Hard pits from mangoes and peaches
The Tero Electric Composter produces nutrient-rich fertilizer.
The Tero Electric Composter produces nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Electric Composter Fertilizer

Once your Tero electric compost bin is full of food waste simply press the start button and in just a few hours it’s odourless and low-noise technology reduces the volume of your food waste by almost 90%!

The device grinds and dehydrates your food waste, transforming it into a dry and mealy organic fertilizer. It’s just as nutrient dense as the chemically produced bags you purchase at your local garden store.

Sprinkle the fertilizer on your indoor plants to keep them healthy as well as your outdoor garden or potted herbs.

During the cooler months of the year you can save your organic fertilizer in a large jug or bin as it lasts for up to 12 months. When the Spring season arrives use your stored fertilizer to help your garden flourish.

Use the fertilizer from your electric compost bin to help your potted plants and garden grow!
Use the fertilizer from your electric compost bin to help your potted plants and garden grow!

Should You Buy The Tero Composter?

We loved using the Tero composter in our home.

We appreciated how it removed the bad smells and buzzing bugs associated with leaky kitchen compost bags.

The products sleek design, ease of use, quiet operating cycle, kid-friendly educational opportunities and valuable organic fertilizer makes the Tero a perfect fit for condo dwellers, eco-conscious consumers, foodies who cook from scratch at home and horticulture enthusiasts.

When considering the price, think about how much you spend each year on compost bags, fertilizer and soil for your house plants and garden. Using the product also allows you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint related to the food you eat at home.

It feels good to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill. It’s also a great way to make a positive impact in your community everyday. Most importantly, it’s seriously fun!

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