Saigon Restaurant at Fairmont Nile City

With sweeping panoramas of the Nile River, and views of the Pyramids in the distance, Cairo’s natural beauty and ancient history are always in sight at Fairmont Nile City. The hotel is one of the Egyptian capital’s most luxurious, featuring a jaw dropping lobby where curved glass elevators zoom from floor to ceiling making you feel as though you are shooting up to the stars in a futuristic pill capsule en route to a fancy feast.


I began my final night in Cairo perched on a comfy couch at the hotel’s signature Saigon Restaurant & Lounge. While sipping from a raspberry muddled champagne flute I found myself adoring the overhead chandelier’s golden glow which washed through the space, flickering across Chinoiserie-inspired paintings.

Once stomachs grumbled we moved to the main dining room, skipping through a dimly lit Buddha bust lined hallway. While following the hostess I winked at a violinist who spent the evening wooing the crowd with the pretty pluck of his strings. We were seated at a large circular table outfitted with a slick Lazy Susan, a nod to the restaurants Asian fusion theme which encourages guests to share petite plates.

Saigon’s contemporary design is decorated tastefully with distinct Asian touches, clean minimalist interior and walls covered in mother of pearl. The wide floor-to-ceiling windows show off a dramatic view of the River Nile best enjoyed while slurping slippery noodles, scooping up wasabi slathered sushi and sipping spicy curry. Pop by Fairmont Nile City for a decadent dinner and you’ll find yourself smug mugged, tip toeing out the door in the wee hours of the night while smirking to yourself, “who new Cairo was so cosmopolitan?”


1) Tekka Maki | tuna, avocados, cucumbers, sesame seeds, sriracha


2) Grilled Beef Salad | papaya, spring onion, chili, cucumbers, thai herbs, cashew


3) Prawn Red Curry | eggplant, chili, onions, bamboo shoot, basil


4) Grilled Shrimp Salad | avocado, mango, tomato, cilantro, lime dressing


5) Spicy Chicken Cashew | wok fried, mixed vegetables, chili sauce

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