Brunch at Wood Restaurant in Chicago

Since the dawn of time, “the gays” have congregated in cosmopolitan city centre’s across the globe, often late on Saturday or Sunday morning to indulge in the ritual they call brunch. I once heard a chef say “I really should go to a gay nightclub and throw brunch coupons through the air like confetti.” He was of course a bright man and did very well for himself.

After a sud-sloshed evening, you’ll find a gaggle of gays gossiping around a table (looking rather haggard) while sipping latte on the left and champagne infused cocktail on the right. This is the one moment in the week where calories don’t count: poached eggs, oozing cheese, crispy bacon, and butter fried french toast satisfy the most health conscious Queen.

Your best bet for brunch in Chicago’s Boystown is at the trendy-chic simply titled Wood. The cover of the restaurants brunch menu reads “morning wood,” a clear and coy reference to breakfast boners (which we all so enjoy). The kitchen is helmed by Executive Chef Ashlee Aubin, winner of 2013 + 2014’s Michelin Bib Gourmand Award. Aubin was recently chef de partie at Chicago’s famed Alinea Restaurant and brings years of experience and culinary innovation to the Boystown brunch scene.

Maxime and I started the morning with a hot cup of coffee and once eyes had properly dilated we pounced on two cocktails. Aperol and brut infused Little Miss Sunshine offered a sweet hereafter while savoury Bloody Mary with Wood’s Mary Mix rim featured aromatic curry powder for extra zing. Sweet petite french toast bites are perfect for sharing and slathered in pineapple, walnuts and rich cream. The showstopper for those looking to pack a protein punch is the double decker cheeseburger, adorned with sweet red onion, gem lettuce slaw and aged cheddar. The glorious bun literally glistens with grease.

The Feast:

Little Miss Sunshine

aperol, vanilla syrup, lemon, brut

Bloody Mary

vodka, wood’s mary mix

Belgian Frites

truffle, curry, garlic mayo for dipping

French Toast Bites

pineapple, walnuts, whipped cream

Hazard Free Farm “Bloody Butcher” Polenta

roasted mushrooms, charred green onion, poached eggs

Corned Beef Hash

kennebec potatoes, onions, fried eggs


slagel farm beef, cheddar, gem lettuce slaw, grilled red onion

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