Castro’s Lounge: A Beer Bar in The Beaches

My good friend Chris Schryer blogger at Toronto Beer Blog is a regular contributor at The Beach hood’s much loved watering hole Castro’s Lounge. He recently invited me to pop by for an event he was hosting entitled, Smoked Quadruped. He promised he would be smoking pork belly and cobs of corn during the afternoon and also indicated there would be some great music so I marked it down in my calendar.

We both ordered smoked pork belly sandwiches and listened to Eugene Smith play to a packed house on one of the rainiest days of the summer. The room was full of an eager crowd who clapped their hands against their beer mugs and enjoyed a communal sing along in the middle of the afternoon.

I enjoyed a pint of Hacker-Pschorr Weisse and Thornburry Peeler Cider. We also shared a basket of deliciously crispy sweet potato fries served with a cajun mayo. I skipped down the street just before the dinner hour with a little tipsy in my step and the taste of smoke on my fingers.

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