Thai Feast at Bangkok Garden Near Dundas Square

Bangkok Garden is located right beside Toronto’s iconic Elmwood Spa just north of Yonge and Dundas Square. The restaurant signage from the street immediately gave me the impression that the space would be a humble and intimate space. I was quickly taken aback by the restaurants vast interior which features three massive hand carved Thai chandeliers and private dining space on the balcony (where we would be enjoying our meal) with a wee fish pond to boot!

Upon arrival I grabbed a glass of sparkling wine infused with hibiscus. I sampled Royal Beef Salad and Scallop, which were served in little boats made of husk. We were all happily seated when tiny Chinese Take Out boxes filled with Pad Thai were placed in front of our noses. Generous libations transformed my “after work stressed out persona” into a fulfilled food enthusiast desperate for the next bite. A few glasses of this, a few glasses of that. Sweet perfumed Jasmine Rice complimented each of our main courses.

I was happily surprised that Bangkok Garden had an interesting array of Thai haute cuisine. Toronto’s most revered Thai establishments have perfected the country’s street food. Bangkok Garden elevates Thai cuisine with an extensive menu that goes beyond the typical curries, spring rolls and fried rice. My favourite dish was the Spicy Crispy Tofu. The crispy texture and punch of heat had me hoarding half the dish on my plate. Quickly quenched with a gulp of Singha.

Before hopping out of my seat feeling a bit like a bloated Puffer Fish I took a quiet moment (1/2 a second) to close my eyes and send myself into flash back mode. I spent a great deal of time living in Thailand and was glad my meal at Bangkok Garden was able to relive some of those fond memories!

We enjoyed:

Royal Beef Salad

Beef mixed with shallots, mint, roasted rice and chili on cucumber

Scallop Satay

Scallops marinated in coconut milk with curry, barbecued and served with peanut sauce
Pad Thai

Rice Noodles with homemade sauce, shrimp, chicken and vegetables

Curry 3 –Ways

Zesty red curry with chicken, Silky yellow curry with vegetables, Coconut emerald curry with beef
Basil Chicken

Sliced grain-fed chicken breast packed with basil and stir-fried with chilli garlic, oyster and fish sauces served with fresh vegetables

Spicy Crispy Tofu

fried soft tofu with chilli sauce and tamarind water
Siamese Beef
Siamese beef marinated in Thai spices and grilled medium-rare served with a spicy sauce

Steam Ginger Pomfret

Fresh Pomfret sprinkled with sea salt and rubbed with pickled plum and ginger steamed in a banana leaf. Served with a piquant lemon sauce.

Chai Chocolate Moouse
Lychee Pana Cotta

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