Kimchi Fans Rave for Korea House in Toronto

At 666 Bloor Street West sits a cozy little Korean spot worth checking out if you’re craving kimchi. I lived in Seoul for 12 months (way back in 2007) and became a Korean cuisine aficionado eating up every morsel on offer (including some gag inducing treats like live octopus which squirm like worms on your plate).

The interior of Korea House had me all nostalgic as Soju advertisements reminded me of many a drunken night (and at 2 dollars a bottle in Korea, a cheap one at that). All of the food here is prepared in the kitchen so don’t expect a traditional “grill it yourself” experience.

Our meal began when a parade of little bowls arrived at the table including classic kimchi, sliced chestnut jelly and pickled vegetables drenched in chili paste and sesame oil. Highlights from my Korea House feast include ice cold bottle of Hite beer (pronounced high-tugh), Jajangmyeon (noodles tossed in black bean sauce with diced pork and vegetables), perfectly scorched Kalbi and tender Bulgogi.

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