Puckering for the Petillant at Maison Moët

This year Champagne juggernaut Moët & Chandon launched its inaugural Maison Moët at La Maquette. The fancy French restaurant on King East played home to a double decker soiree where freely poured bubbly filled golden goblets to the brim. 

On the main floor guests were greeted by a petite Eiffel Tower decorated with a potpourri of freshly cut roses. Late into the evening fashion fans danced to beats by DJ Hannah Bronfman as a flock of flutes flew over the dance floor.

Tip toeing north we happened upon a choir of drop dead gorgeous bartenders who whisked their way through the crowd with platters teaming with Moet. These modern day femme-heroes ran around in slick black heels and tight rouge dresses all night without letting a drop slip. Respect.

Notables at the party included Chef Susur Lee and hip-hop artist Jazz Cartier. At 2am after downing a gaggle of glasses I quickly surveyed the scene, happy to see every nighthawk puckering for the petillant.

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