Best Moncton Breweries For Craft Beer Lovers

Looking to visit the best Moncton Breweries in New Brunswick?

Plan an unforgettable and tasty road trip to the scenic Maritime city, known as the travel hub between New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. With a colourful collection of craft breweries, the friendly Canadian East Coast destination offers craft beer lovers in New Brunswick a diversity of options when looking to sip quality suds.

Our guide to the Moncton craft brewery scene offers detailed descriptions for each breweries craft beer offering, menu, patio and unique entertainment offerings.

Many of the best Moncton Breweries also feature restaurants, offering menus that pair perfectly with craft beer. Chefs love to get creative here, infusing a unique east coast cuisine with freshly brewed Moncton beer!

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Moncton Breweries For Craft Beer Lovers

Moncton is the largest city in New Brunswick. It’s dubbed the Maritimes travel hub as it connects New Brunswick with Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

There’s no better way to explore the best Moncton Breweries then by organizing a fun Canadian road trip in the Maritimes.

The city has the largest concentration of craft breweries in New Brunswick. In 2022, there were 8 breweries, brewpubs, beer halls and gastropubs in Moncton.

We spent 2 days in Moncton visiting the city’s 8 craft beer watering holes with plenty of time to explore.

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Moncton when not sipping beer you can visit the Tidal Bore, Magnetic Hill, Centennial Park, Resurgo Place, Musee Acadien, Magnetic Hill Winery, Irishtown Nature Park, and Maleton Park.

No trip to New Brunswick is complete without a visit to Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. You can experience the world’s most dramatic tides just a short drive south of Moncton.

We also suggest using Craft Alcohol New Brunswick as a resource to plan a road trip featuring local craft distilleries, cider houses, wineries and breweries.

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CAVOK Brewing is located in Dieppe near the Moncton Airport.
CAVOK Brewing is located in Dieppe near the Moncton Airport.

CAVOK Brewing CO

250 Dieppe Blvd, 506-961-5835

CAVOK Brewing was founded in May, 2016 by two air traffic controllers and friends, Serge Nadeau and Serge Basque. It’s pronounced Cav-Oh-Kay, and is an aviation acronym meaning Ceiling And Visibility are OK.

Skip inside CAVOK Brewing in Dieppe, just outside of downtown Moncton and you’ll find a taproom and retail shop outfitted with plush leather couches. Skip upstairs to the mezzanine to enjoy views overlooking the brewery’s production floor.

At the bar you’ll find 21 taps, 15 of which typically pour CAVOK Brewing beer with the rest being guest taps.

There’s plenty of entertainment to be had here, throughout the week you can enjoy live music, trivia nights, an annual Halloween party, Saint Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, and Acadian Day celebrations.

FYI CAVOK Brewing has a second location with a beautiful deck and indoor seating with ocean views in Cap Pelé, New Brunswick at Plage Aboiteau Beach.

Flying Boats Brewing is a craft brewery near Moncton in Dieppe.
Flying Boats Brewing is a craft brewery near Moncton in Dieppe.

Flying Boats Brewing

700 Malenfant Blvd, No Phone

After working in Europe for 10 years, and finding a passion for a variety of local and regional beers, Marc Melanson started to brew at home as a hobby in the mid-90’s, since he couldn’t get the variety of beers he was looking for back in New Brunswick.

The first pilot brewery was opened in his garage in 2015, after several years of improving his recipes and brewing techniques. Three years later he scaled up the brewery to a 15-Barrel brewhouse in an industrial building to offer a taproom and be able to increase the output.

Flying Boats Brewing is named as an homage to Moncton’s status as the province’s official transportation hub. “Flying Boats” is based on the history of the seaplanes and hydroplanes landing at the Shediac Pointe-du-Chene wharf to refuel on their flight to and from Europe.

Flying Boats Brewing is located in an industrial building in Dieppe near the Moncton Airport. Step inside and you’ll find the space has been decorated using work by local artisans to build a rough wood look taproom and patio that offers a German Biergarten vibe.

Hop up at the bar and you’ll find 18 taps, 12 are dedicated to year round and seasonal beers while the remaining pour small batch specials. Latest stars include the Blood Orange Pixie IPA and Juice Box Eats Coast Hazy.

If you like pairing a cold pint with dinner plan your visit to enjoy Foodie Fridays featuring a variety of small local food operators. Saturdays are live music night with Trivia Night taking place on Tuesdays.

Happy Craft Brewing is located in the heart of downtown Moncton.
Happy Craft Brewing is located in the heart of downtown Moncton.

Happy Craft Brewing

800 Main St, 506-855-2483

Happy Craft Brewing opened in downtown Moncton in July, 2021.

The Moncton craft brewery is owned by Gregg Corrigan and his wife Sylvie Macias, “I started brewing beer in my basement about ten years ago after receiving my first home brew from my wife’s cousin,” said Corrigan.

The Moncton brewery is located in the former Paramount Theatre, which originally opened in 1950. The interior of the brewery is designed with the brewing process on full display. The brewhouse is visible through the open garage door right on Main street. As you enter the space and walk the hallway you can see all of the vessels and equipment used from grain to glass. As you reach the back of the space it opens up into a taproom where you can see the original steel, brick and wood roof of the building. Through the double doors in the back it opens onto a large patio to enjoy the sunshine.

Hop up at the bar and you’ll find 24 taps featuring 3 non-alcoholic options, 3 ciders, 6-8 guest taps and 10-12 house beers.

Happy Craft Brewing offers live music twice a week featuring a mix of solo, duo and bands that are touring New Brunswick.

Gahan House Hub City offers lunch and dinner service.
Gahan House Hub City offers lunch and dinner service.

Gahan House Hub City

55 Queen St, 506-388-6322

Gahan Brewery was first established as Murphy’s Brewing Co. in 1997 by Kevin Murphy. His passion for hospitality and craft brews were a major influence in the opening of their first location in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Over the years, Gahan brews grew more and more in popularity across the Maritimes. Today the craft brewery operates 6 locations in New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

In downtown Moncton Gahan House Hub City features a spacious outdoor patio, contemporary dining room and bar, which sits in front of a glass wall housing the restaurants microbrewery.

At the bar you’ll find 15 taps pouring ice cold beer, “That includes our 6 Hours of Sun Cider, and the Daily Dose Hard Root Beer. Four of our taps are rotating seasonal beers that are brewed at every location. We recently had a strawberry margarita gose that was brewed right here at Gahan Hub City that was very well received,” said Avery Prime General Manager at Gahan House Hub City.

The menu is designed by chefs across the company, deciding which items need tweaking or are subject to change for the season. The fish and chips are a Maritime staple, as well as the beef melt, and popular coconut chicken curry.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays enjoy live music from 7PM-9PM. You’ll also find a special on oysters every day from 4PM-6PM and then again from 9PM-close. 

Tide & Boar Brewing serves the best pizza in Moncton!
Tide & Boar Brewing serves the best pizza in Moncton!

Tide & Boar Brewing

1355 Main St, 506-382-1788

Chad Steeves is the owner and brewmaster at Tide & Boar Brewing in Moncton.

The concept started as a nanobrewery in 2016 then moved to its current home (and larger location) on Main Street in 2011.

Steeves shared, “The new location was chosen because of our love of Moncton’s Old West End. It is a fantastic neighborhood and an area we wanted to be apart of.”

Visit the popular Moncton brewery and you’ll find a friendly outdoor patio, bar pouring fresh craft beer from 20 taps and cozy dining room where pizza is the name of the game!

Tide & Boar Brewing has plenty of creative must-try beers so be sure to order a flight to find a favourite. Millions of Peaches Sour IPA for example is brewed with fuzzy peach candies and conditioned on peach puree. Sour Otis is the brewery’s fruited kettle soured line up with the fruit selection evolving with what’s fresh and in season.

We suggest visiting the Moncton craft brewery for lunch or dinner. The kitchen specializes in New York and Detroit-style pizza.

To avoid any confusion, Steeves has two Tide & Boar locations in Moncton. The other being Tide & Boar Gastropub, which has a more upscale menu as well as a large format concert venue.

Tire Shack's taproom in downtown Moncton.
Tire Shack’s taproom in downtown Moncton.

Tire Shack Brewing

190 John St, 506-830-4321

Tire Shack Brewing is owned by Alan Norman and his wife Jerrica Kennedy. The duo spent 16 years in Toronto before decided to move back to their hometown of Moncton to open a craft brewery.

Norman explained, “We found an auto garage that was abandoned for over three years and decided to purchase the property and renovate it. After eleven months of renovations we opened up in November, 2019.”

The couple designed the space themselves, keeping a rustic auto garage vibe, “We kept a lot of the original tire shack signage and knick-knacks that were left behind. We also found a ton of vintage auto magazine ads at a flea market that we framed on our walls. Our tables are all handmade by a local woodworker. The wood was salvaged from a 100-year-old barn that fell down not far from the brewery. All of our tap handles are made from old skateboard decks and our bar top is made from discarded pieces of walnut,” said Norman.

Tire Shack Brewing has an outdoor patio that seats 50 guests, a perfect perch to enjoy a cold one on a Moncton breweries tour.

At the bar you’ll find 10 taps exclusively serving lagers and ales brewed on site. Tire Shack has 3 core beers that are brewed all year long: The Specialist Blonde Ale, Parts N Labour IPA, and Secret Society Toasted Marshmallow Stout.

If you’re lucky Tire Shack may be hosting pop-up kitchens in the space. “We’ve hosted everything from fine dining to Mexican street tacos. It’s great for our guests because we always have something new, which keeps things fresh and exciting,” said Norman.

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Holy Whale is located in an old church in Alma. They also have a beer hall in Moncton.
Holy Whale is located in an old church in Alma. They also have a beer hall in Moncton.

Holy Whale Brewing & Beer Hall

391 Coverdale Rd, 506-386-8866

Holy Whale Brewery opened its doors in 2016. The popular craft brewery is located in Alma, a small tourist town adjacent to Fundy National Park a short drive from Moncton.

“My brother Jeff Grandy, Ian Hillier and I converted a small church into a 10-hectolitre brewery. Jeff is a master brewer, having completed the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management course at Olds College in Alberta. Jeff asked me to join him in opening a brewery while I was teaching overseas. Having been a long time homebrewer and beer nut, I agreed. We looked to New Brunswick as an ideal spot to start as its craft beer market was just getting going. Luckily for us, the church we purchased in Alma went up for sale while we were looking for spaces and Holy Whale was born. Being big fans Monty Python’s Holy Grail, the name Holy Whale was a playful take on us being in a church and near the Bay of Fundy,” said Holy Whale co-owner Peter Grandy.

Although busy during the summer, Alma is a quiet town in the winter and made it difficult to operate year-round. In 2018, the owners of the popular brewery decided to set up a small shipping container on the water in Riverview, Moncton to sell their products.

“With growing success, we were able to upgrade our space to a beer hall and garden. We also purchased the bowling alley in Riverview called Holy Bowly, which opened in 2022,” said Grandy.

Holy Whale Brewery produces 8 flagship beers, the most popular brews being the Devil’s Half Acre IPA and Skittles Sour. You’ll find 20 taps at the beer hall with regular events and fundraisers drawing locals and Moncton craft beer lovers.

Looking for the best Moncton breweries with a sunset view? The beer garden at Holy Whale Beer Hall has a spectacular view overlooking the Petitcodiac River. You can also see the famous tidal bore, a visible wave on the river, when the tide comes in. 

Pump House Brewery is one of the oldest craft breweries in New Brunswick.
Pump House Brewery is one of the oldest craft breweries in New Brunswick.

Pump House Brewery

5 Orange Ln, 506-855-2337

Pump House Brewery in Moncton was the first microbrewery of its kind back when it first opened in 1999. It initially launched as a small brewpub with the idea of pairing craft beer with fire-oven baked pizzas.

The Moncton brewpub quickly became a hit with locals, and the demand for Pump House beer in New Brunswick began to grow. So much so that a second brewery and packaging facility was needed to keep up with demand. 

In 2016, Pump House Brewery launched Crafty Radler; its biggest hit to date. A muddling of local craft beer and house-made fruit soda, available in refreshing flavours like grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange, peach, tart cherry blueberry and limoncello lime.

Visit Pump House Brewery during the warmer months of the year and you’ll find a large outdoor patio as well as year round indoor dining.

“At any given time, we have between 16-20 taps at both the Brewpub and Fill Station locations in Moncton. This includes our regular line up of craft beer, a mix of seasonal offerings and occasional guest taps featuring other beloved New Brunswick Breweries,” said Pump House’s Claire Dooley.

Pump House Brewery’s signature line up of craft beer includes Canadian Cream Ale, Blueberry Ale, Fire Chief Red Ale, Bohemian Pils, Muddy River Stout, IPA, 4 Alarm IPA and Nio Starkol. They also make 6-8 seasonal brews each year ranging from Raspberry Wheat and Uncommon Kolsch in the summer months. And in the winter months, Dubbel Trapeze and Schwartzbier.

We suggest planning a visit to the Pump House Brewery Brewpub location at 5 Orange Lane during lunch or dinner. The menu features classic pub fare like gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizza.

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