Travel to Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

I left Ton Sai Beach in the province of Krabi on a fast ferry with a huge group of sun kissed Scandinavians headed for Thailand’s most famous island Ko Phi Phi which was immortalized in the film The Beach.  Despite the tragic tsunami that swept through Ko Phi Phi in December 2004, if there was to be a contest for one of the planet’s most jaw dropping beauties, Ko Phi Phi would be a frontrunner. Stunning limestone cliffs, translucent water, fine white arcs of sand -Ko Phi Phi is so beautiful it invokes tears and forces you to stop, stare and contemplate life (especially at sun set). The island is very much a tourist trap and expect to come here to dance all night, sleep in some of the most luxurious and beautiful beach resorts and bask in the sun while enjoying a plethora of activities.

Ko Phi Phi is where I truly settled down to relax spending seven days at the cheapest available accommodation on the island (again I am just ever so cheap). The island is known for being an expensive place to stay and I was lucky to nab the last bunk bed at the only business on the island which offered shared accommodation. For ten dollars a night I slept in a hot room with one fan which slept twenty people. I became good friends with a French Canadian from Quebec City as well as a fun group of dorky Swedish boys from Malmo. I spent my days crisping on the beach, eating amazingly delicious food, swimming in turquoise waters, enjoying snorkeling expeditions. The island enjoys a notorious night life and I spent every evening at the islands most famous spot on the beach Ibiza Bar. Hundreds of young tourists gathered here every night for incredibly cheap cocktail buckets, DJ spinning house music and a wild fire dancing show. Many people joke that Ko Phi Phi is really just a Swedish colony…and I would have to agree. Walking through town every morning all I could do was stare at the perfectly bronzed bodies of Swedish blond beauties. I was quickly adopted into their clan and spent many memorable evenings dancing under the stars and skipping across the waves as they crashed onto the shore on the fringes of the dance party. David Guetta ringing in my ears as I fell asleep just as the sun was rising.

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