Travel to Brisbane, Australia

I flew from Cairns to Brisbane with Kat and was picked up at the airport by her lovely mother. I spent the next two weeks in Brisbane living with Kat’s family who were amazing hosts!

In Brisbane I ate my first Kangaroo Steak for my 24th birthday celebration dinner. I enjoyed walking all over downtown Brizzy…checking out the riverside graffiti, walking over bridges, getting lost in parks filled with wild mischievous birds and hopping in and out of water fountains. I was impressed by a man made beach (with full on imported sand and lifeguards on duty). I sat on the beach for a few minutes to relax and chat with a local woman who was tending to her two young blue eyed and blond haired children. I group of Chinese tourists walked by and I was amazed at how they reacted to the children! They gawked at their blond hair and blue eyes as if they were trophy’s. Each member of the group asked to pick up the children and have their picture taken with them. The mother was given several 20 dollar bills for allowing the children to be photographed. It was a seriously odd bonanza and a quick reminder of the Asia that I once lived.

I spent an afternoon at the Queensland Art Gallery which had an excellent assortment of early colonial art and modern creations. The Modern Gallery had a very interesting exhibit called The China Project which showcased China’s most famous artists of today. I had a memorable evening driving up to one of the cities famous lookouts. It was beautiful to stare out at the twinkling lights of the city bellow.

I also met up with my friend Greg who also lived in Korea and is from Windsor Canada. We went dancing and hung out in the city together which was highly enjoyable. All in all my memories in Brisbane would best be described as relaxed. I was living in a families home for the first time in about two years and spent several days just reading and watching tv…making dinner for Kat’s family to enjoy and just enjoying a bedroom that I had all to myself!



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