Travel to Auckland, New Zealand

My memories of my four days spent in Auckland New Zealand are highlighted by the fact that I stayed with my two friends Tom and Anthea who I met in Samporna Borneo and Luang Prabang Laos during my Asian Adventure. Many thanks to their families for making my visit in Auckland so memorable.

I arrived in Auckland on a flight from Christchurch and was greeted at the airport by Tom who drove me back to his parents lovely home which sits right on the water. He and I went downtown and walked through the University Campus and did a bit of shopping where I picked up some sweet Diesel kicks. I fell in love with the cities street corner graffiti warnings featuring frightening crocodiles and sharks,”Vehicle crashes have killed 22 pedestrians in Auckland city in the past five years Don’t step into danger.”

We met Anthea for lunch at Mezze Bar where I enjoyed a bowl of lentil soup and caesar salad. After Tom and I walked down to the ferry docks to check out the beautiful sail boats in the harbor.

The next day Tom and I walked about the city and checked out the Victoria Park Market. On this rainy day we sampled a wide array of gastronomic delights: cheese, wine, fresh produce, seafood, home made pastas and pastries.

The following day we took a day trip to a wine region only a short two hour drive from the city. We stopped off at award winning and internationally acclaimed, Matua Estate Winery. After sampling several glasses of their best varietals we skipped through the maze of grape laden vineyards.

As we drove back into the city I couldn’t help smile at the rolling green hills dotted with sheep. Young children waved signs to passing motorists which read, “Farm Fresh Feijoas.”

We spent the next day in the beautiful town of Piha, considered New Zealand’s most beautiful surf beach.

On my last day in Auckland I joined up again with my North Island Kiwi Experience bus. Before leaving the city we visited Mt Eden (one of the many dormant volcanoes in Auckland) with breathtaking views of the city.



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