Living in Sukhumvit Bangkok, Thailand

First and foremost I need to thank Brenda Faz a million times over for her generous hospitality. After a battered week in Northern Vietnam I arrived in Bangkok. I spent two days at a hotel on Kaoh San Road and then realized I would have to be staying longer than expected in Bangkok in order to pick up my new bank cards from the Canadian Embassy. If things couldn’t get worse, I got very ill with an intense fever which had me literally bed ridden for three days straight. I think this illness was brought on by the ridiculous amount of anxiety and emotional stress I had been encountering during my last week in Vietnam. Needless to say, with very little money left in my pocket Brenda was the best friend anyone in a foreign land could hope for! She welcomed me into her home (and bed!) and allowed me to heal and mend for a week! Brenda and I met at my teacher training session in Seoul and the moment I met her I knew she had a great spirit.

After working in Korea teaching Brenda moved to Bangkok which suited her nicely as she hails from Mexico/Miami/Texas and they do love their sun (hot hot heat!) When I visited Brenda she was working at a private school as an English teacher in the Beverly Hill’s of Bangkok. Just seconds from her apartment were the cities (and countries) most famous nightclubs, swanky hotels and poshest restaurants. The area is visibly multicultural as it is also the Embassy district.

After a week living in Brenda’s Sukhumvit apartment I started to feel a little less fragile and decided to continue my travels to northern Thailand and the nation of Laos. I would then return to Bangkok and spend three more days with Brenda in good health!

My fondest memories with Brenda during my two stays with her are:

-panic attacks on manic moped taxi excursions.

-visit to the Chatuchak Market, the worlds largest market with 20 000 stalls, selling everything from t-shirts, puppies, antiques and artworks.  We enjoyed my first plate of mango sticky rice and watermelon lime smoothie here!

-I will never forget our thrilling night out in Silom soi 4 gay district at DJ Station Nightclub and G.O.D. (Guys On Demand). Bangkok’s nightlife is truly fantastic.

-After finally receiving my bank cards at the Canadian Embassy I spent the afternoon strolling through Lumpinin Park.

– Visit to Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant. The profits of this restaurant all go towards promoting safe sex in Thailand in an attempt to reduce STI’s. The place is decorated in artwork and statues with a central theme of Condom’s. When you pay your bill instead of getting a mint or candy you are given a condom to take home!

-Mambo, Bangkok’s famous sparkling Lady Boy show. I will never forget how aggressive the performers were after the show. Wow!

– Last but not least, the breathtaking theatrical performance of Siam Niramit, a theatrical performance which tells the story of Siam (and present day Thailand). Famed around the world for being one of the largest theatrical shows. Over 200 performers, 500 costumes, state of the art high wire dancers, live elephants and tigers (and other animals) integrated into the show.

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