Traveling in Style with Macbook Air

In 2006 I embarked on my first travel adventure, a life changing experience that blossomed into a wanderlust addiction. Just before I departed for my trip I purchased a MacBook Pro so I could stay in touch with friends and family, document my life on this new online thing called “a blog,” and watch movies whenever I was bored on a plane or train.

Times have certainly changed as I’m no longer a hostel dwelling flash-packer. My travel tastes have matured and I’ve grown accustomed to traveling in style: I utilize VIP lounges at airports, enjoy business class amenities in flight and spend hours in hotel suites editing video, cropping pictures and typing up my globetrotting adventures into the stories that you read right here.

Crunching into fresh Apples // Royal Gala, iPhone 6, MacBook Air

I recently had the opportunity to experience Frankfurt Airport’s VIP Services and Lounge. I was thrilled to discover that I was the first Canadian journalist given access to the airport’s VIP experience, typically used by heads of state, celebrities and jazzy jet-setters. I spent two hours in the lounge before hopping on my Lufthansa flight home and while sipping champagne and nibbling on wurst had the opportunity to flip open my Mac and answer a bunch of emails and film video of the experience from start to finish on my iPhone 6. Here’s a play-by-play:

I’m picked up at my hotel by a chauffeur and driven to the airport’s VIP red carpet entrance. I hand over my passport and sip an espresso in a chic lounge while my check-in is processed. We then pass through security (in less than 30 seconds) and hop in a BMW for a short 1 minute ride to the VIP lounge where I spend two hours relaxing before hopping on my flight home.

The Frankfurt Airport VIP Lounge features small and large suites (beautifully designed and outfitted with plush furniture and beds for those who need sleep), a conference room, gym, white marble adorned shower facilities, separate smoking area with views over the tarmac and exclusive duty free boutique. A spiffy attendant in black bow tie pops in to offer champagne while I suss out a menu featuring fresh salads, traditional sausage and sweet treats. I’m gobsmacked when American pop star Pink walks by, pops her head in my room to say hello!

Moments before my flight took off the tarmac an attendant arrived and escorted me downstairs to a slick Mercedes. We then zoomed below massive planes, parking directly under the wing of the aircraft which would be flying me home. The experience allows VIPs to totally avoid boarding queue’s. If you’ve ever wondered how celebs and big wigs experience flying without being detected by the public…this is it!

There are two pieces of tech I must have when I travel:

1) my iPhone 6 which I use to shoot all of the video I create on Instagram and utilize for sharing my experiences live on social media

2) my new light-as-a-feather MacBook Air which I use to write, edit, email and watch movies when I’m patiently waiting at the airport or trying to pass time while flying on a long-haul flight.

Here are some of my favourite features of Apple’s new MacBook Air which make working on the road easy-as-pie:

  • Updated 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air now feature fifth generation Intel Core processors up to 2.2 GHz, with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.2 GHz, integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 and Thunderbolt 2, delivering up to 20Gbps, twice the bandwidth of the previous generation.
  • Every new Mac comes with OS X Yosemite, a powerful new version of OS X that’s redesigned and refined with a fresh, modern look, powerful new apps and amazing Continuity features that make working across your Mac and iOS devices more fluid than ever.
  • iMovie and iPhoto come free with every new Mac making photo editing and video production a breeze.
  • The new Photos for OS X app keeps your growing photo and video collection automatically organized and easy to navigate.
  • Encased in an incredibly thin 17.3- mm unibody design.
  • Super light weight at only 1.08 kg making it easy to reduce your carry on baggage weight so you can travel with more essentials in flight.
  • Keyboard is full-size and backlit for when cabin lights dim.
  • Built-in camera and mic, doubles as a videophone for conducting face-to-face meetings so you can always stay in touch with family, friends and clients while on the road.

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