10 Ways to Use Your Apple Watch Every Day

It was almost exactly a year ago when Apple launched its newest device, wearable tech via Apple Watch. The beloved brands new wrist bling had tech and fashion fans buzzing over how the new stylish, handsfree device would change the way we go about enjoying our every day lives.

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Truth be told, the last watch I owned was a waterproof Timex Indigo which I wore throughout high school until I bought my first cell phone. With the advent of cell technology millennials (like me) opted to pass on expensive watch purchases because, well, good grief the flip-phone we were now carrying around with us at all hours of the day also told the time, had an alarm clock and even allowed us to take (shitty) pictures! It was 2005 and I was so glad to be alive! Millions of people liberated their wrists by investing their disposable income in the iPad and iPhone, hitting 10 birds with one stone.


I’m a curious creature, so after spending the last few months reading up on the rise of wearable tech I was game to reintroduce my wrist to the concept of wearing a watch. For the past few weeks I’ve been fiddling with Apple Watch, once a skeptic, I have to admit I was impressed by how easily one can integrate wearable technology into a busy life. After testing out a ton of apps from dawn until dusk I quickly found a rhythm, easily integrating the Apple Watch into my everyday.

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Use Your Apple Watch Every Day


Wake Up to Catch Up

The Apple Watch charges over night, so every morning I wrap the fully juiced gadget around my wrist and immediately check messages which I’ve received while sleeping. You can respond instantly to messages with preset replies, dictate audio message from the comfort of your bed, send a hilarious animated emoji or simply ask Siri to help you get things done without ever picking up your phone and twitching your fingers.


Hands Free Music Loving

You can now enjoy hands free music while working around the office, window shopping through your favourite neighbourhood or exercising on the solo. Apple Watch syncs directly to your iTunes playlist via iPhone allowing you to easily flip through your favourite songs with a quick swipe across your wrist.

No phone? No problem! You can also store up to 2GBs of music on your watch for easy listening on the go. If you’re looking for stellar sound quality check out Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones. Best enjoyed with Lana del Rey crooning on repeat while strolling High By the Beach.


Check Your Change

The TD Bank app provides users with seamless access to personal banking, credit card and investment information that they can check throughout the day. Periodically throughout the week I found myself tapping in to the available credit on my TD Aeroplan Visa and monitoring the highs and lows of top stocks I’m keen on investing.


Set Your Progress as you Work Out

Apple Watch has made most of its fans in the healthy active living tribe. We all struggle with keeping our bodies in tip top shape and the gameification of Apple Watch’s health programs had me enthusiastic about going to the gym for the first time in years.

The Activity app rewards users for overcoming new health hurdles via colourful rings that monitor movement, exercise and standing time throughout the day. First time users are asked to select their gender, age, height and weight to ensure accurate results. For those who spend a significant amount of time at work sitting at their computer (writers, hands up!) the app offers a helpful reminder to stand up and keep moving when you’ve been sedentary for too long. At the end of the day you’re accountable for the amount of exercise you offer your body and by monitoring your activity throughout the day you can ensure you’re reaching your goals and raising the bar. Users are also sent a weekly summary of activity, which gives you a chance to set a new goal the following week.

The Workout app is a gym rats dream! Green LED lights flash hundreds of times per second onto your wrist, measuring your heart rate from the underside of the device. I like to use the elliptical machine at the gym and during my workout monitor my heart rate and the calories I’ve burned.


Get Directions Here and There

Use the Maps app to ensure you’re always on time for appointments and don’t get lost on the way to meet your friends for dinner. I like to cycle around the city and it’s much safer to glance at a map on your wrist than digging for your iPhone stuffed in the pocket of your jeans as you try and navigate the city on the ASAP.


Instant Flight Updates When You’re On the Move

The Air Canada app acts as a perfect personal travel companion for frequent fliers. Right from your wrist you can enjoy interactive shopping to sort flights by price, departure time, manage check in and get flight updates and notifications and even select seats! If you’re the type of traveler who finds themselves distracted by Duty Free, fret no longer as you can easily monitor a countdown to the boarding time of your next flight.


Switch Up Your Wrist Fashion

Fans of switchable style will adore the customizability of the Apple Watch and its plethora of bands. I’ve got three sport bands (navy, orange, indigo) perfect for the gym, a slick black leather number for special occasions and a stainless steel link bracelet for whenever I’m closing the deal.


Cooking Dinner Hands Free

Once you’re home from a busy work day it’s straight to the kitchen to prepare a fine feast! How many times have you found yourself with sticky meringue up to your elbows or hands covered in ground beef just as you’re getting a phone call or text message from soon to arrive dinner party guests? No longer do you have to dash to the sink to pretty your paws. Enjoy a handsfree cooking experience by taking incoming calls from your wrist or dictating responses to urgent messages. I also love how you can easily chirp, “Hey Siri, how many cups are in an ounce?” A measurement maniacs dream!


Say Hello, Prince Charming

Are you single and ready to mingle? Loads of dating apps have modified offerings for Apple Watch allowing you to easily swipe in search of The One. In the eve once you’ve flopped in bed to relax you can easily swipe through nearby sexy singles on Tinder or check your incoming masc for masc woofs on Scruff.


Digital Touch

Apple Watch’s funnest feature is accessible by clicking on Friends. It’s here where you can see the people you like to connect with most. Once you’ve selected a friend you can easily place a call or send a message, or if you’re friend also has an Apple Watch you can send them a personalized Digital Touch (send a sketch animation, tap or rest two fingers on the screen to send your heartbeat). Romance me now!

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