Toronto’s Old School Serves Up Serious Stoner Snacks

Toronto’s 24 hour diner options are slim pickin’s so if you’re in the city on a weekend and have a craving for crispy fried chicken or a pile of pancakes at 9am, 2pm or 4am you’ll find happiness at finger-lickin-good Old School.

Located on Dundas West in the space that was formerly Hudson Kitchen, Old School is brought to you by chef Marcus Monteiro. Chef Monteiro’s menu celebrates a mash-up of all things Americana; greasy diner style all-day breakfasts, booze spiked retro soda fountain slurps and Southern style smokehouse.


If you’re looking to grab a quick drink pop up at the horseshoe-shaped bar where you’ll find a list of old fashioned soda’s, classic cocktails, boozy milkshakes, fine wine and beer from Bud to Goose Island.


A lesson to those who will listen: if you’re heading here for dinner spend the day sipping a bowl of broth and if peckish nibble on a few leafy greens. Leave your calorie counter at the door, bring a few friends and sample yourself silly. Old School’s decadent dishes offer a satisfying crunch and munch, perfect for any stoner with a sweet tooth or eager enthusiasm warming up this winter with the meat sweats.


Shaved Brisket Cobb | soft poached egg, romaine, blue cheese, shaved brisket, avocado, cherry tomatoes, buttermilk biscuit croutons, bacon, kozlicks mustard garlic dressing


Mini McCoy | lean mean ribs, low ‘n slow pulled pork, brisket, coleslaw, cheddar chive biscuit


General Chicken & Waffles | golden waffles, general fried chicken, tabasco-pepper honey, vanilla butter


Blueberry Thrill | hotcake griddle thrills with blueberries, butcher’s crack (sugar cured bacon), brown sugar butter


Mac & Cheese Cobbler |  ooey gooey elbows & cheese, crispen, buttermilk biscuit crumble

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