Terre a Terre Vegetarian Restaurant in Brighton

Forget everything you have ever read or heard about vegetarian food. Forget everything you have ever eaten at vegetarian restaurants. Dining at Terre a Terre is a culinary experience like no other, with intense flavours, sublime textures and a combination of ingredients that few have the imagination or daring to put together.

Terre a Terre is tucked into Brighton’s old town Lanes neighbourhood, famous for its winding arcades, flashy restaurants and cute cafes. The restaurant features a spacious dinning room and petite al fresco backyard patio which offers diners a brilliant stream of light and fresh breeze during the lazy lunch hour.


Terre a Terre was born in 1993, out of a shared passion of two people with a mission, Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor, both classically trained chefs wanted a platform for their innovative ideas where they could push the boundaries of traditional cuisine, while adhering to their beliefs in a meet-free cooking.

Terre a Terre is recognized as the instigator of the vegetarian movement which exploded across the UK in the 90s and still to this day is recognized as one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Britain. The restaurants lengthy list of awards and accolades reads like a five star resume and features Best Restaurant in Brighton (Brighton Food Festival Awards), Runner Up Best UK Restaurant (Observer Food Monthly Awards) and has been listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide since 2001.

Here are my Top 5 Must Try’s at Terre a Terre in Brighton England:


Black Oyster Pearl | black garlic pearly barely orzotto, courgette cream, brunoise courgette, gochujang almond foam, dashi poached king oyster mushroom, crispy sweet potato noodles, cucumber flowers


Peeking Buns | steamed rice buns, szechuan marinated halloumi, kimchi chinese cabbage, lapsang souchong pickled watermelon and cucumber, miso chilli sauce


Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish | soft buttermilk soaked halloumi dipped in chip shop batter, vodka-spiked preserved plum tomato, pea mint hash, pickled quail egg, sea salad tartar, chubby chips, lemony yemeni relish


Fancy Nancy | coco cardamom fried rice, spring onion, yuzu palm beanshoots, salad of lychee with coriander, mint and pickled lotus root, pinda peanut laksa, yuzu creme fraiche, pendang pickled chili sambal, chilli flash fried egg, peanut-cumin-onion seed crumble, tapioca sea salad cracker


Lush Truffle Brownie | brownie bomb filled with salted caramel coated in santago chocolate and cocoa, purple plum and blackberry sauce, apple balsamic, cinnamon and shiso, blackberries, minty shiso shoots, creme fraiche mint ice cream

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