Rhum Corner: Caribbean Restaurant on Dundas West in Toronto

Rhum Corner is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Toronto. Located on Dundas West, the popular Haitian restaurant is a short walk from Trinity Bellwoods Park in the city’s west end.

Caribbean Restaurant on Dundas West

My experience dining at Jen Agg’s popular Toronto restaurants are a lesson in “patience is a Virtue.”

I had The Black Hoof sitting on my to do list years after the game changing kitchen plopped itself on Dundas West. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that I finally had an opportunity to visit the iconic restaurant, celebrating my birthday with friends via storied charcuterie, bone marrow and horse tartare.

The same would ring true to her most recent addition, Rhum Corner, which I was ecstatic about when I first read of its opening in late September, 2013. Some two years later, on a hot and humid evening in July I peddled to the West End for a rum splashed feast.

Colourful Caribbean mural decorates the dining room at Rhum Corner.
Colourful Caribbean mural decorates restaurant dining room.

Step Inside Rhum Corner

The restaurants name “Rhum Corner” comes from Jen’s husband Roland. He used to drink rum and coke cocktails at Cocktail Bar (located across the street) and serve them up for friends in the know, in the bars corner.

The interior of the restaurant offers a splash of Caribbean colour featuring multicoloured metal bar stools, splashy beach inspired mural in the nude and flashy neon sign. The vibe is intentionally casual, with an impressive rum library decorating the back of the bar and acting as the focal point of the space.

My experience eating Caribbean cuisine in Toronto has mostly been that of cheap eats. That greasy street food variety. Rhum Corner offers a breath of fresh air for those looking to adventure through a taste of Haiti where perfected culinary techniques celebrated at The Black Hoof make their mark on sun-drenched beach inspired rum revelry. 

Rhum Corner is one of the best cocktail bars on Dundas West.
Rhum Corner is one of the best cocktail bars on Dundas West.

The Bar at Rhum Corner

Jen Agg’s Haitian restaurant dream is the best place in Toronto to enjoy rum muddled cocktails. Each of the restaurant’s craft cocktails offers a taste of the tropical. Close your eyes and you’ll find yourself transported to the beautiful palm covered beaches of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Curacao.

  • Wray Ting: wray & nephew overproof, ting
  • Spiced Rhum + Ginger: house-blend spiced rhum, ginger beer, lime
  • Fresco: rhum & fruit syrup over crushed ice
  • Mai Tai: rhums, cointreau, orgeat, lime
  • Painkiller #3: rum, pineapple, passionfruit, coconut orange blossom syrup, nutmeg
  • Cucumber Shiso Daiquiri: rhum, lime, cucumber, shiso
  • Rhum Old Fashioned: el dorado 12, house cacao, bitters
  • El Comandante: chairman’s reserve, dolin rouge, sherry, fig liqueur
  • Rhum Negroni: rhums, vermouth blend, campari
  • Rhum Punch: el dorado 5, calvados, aperol, cointreau, peach, lemon
  • Slushies: pina colada or heminway daiquiri
Accra with Haitian slaw is one of the best Caribbean dishes at Rhum Corner.
Accra with Haitian slaw is one of the best Caribbean dishes at Rhum Corner.

Rhum Corner Menu

Dishes on the restaurant’s menu range from snacks ($5-14) to larger entrees ($16-38). We suggest sharing 3-4 dishes between two people.

Macaroni au Gratin at Rhum Corner on Dundas West.
Macaroni au Gratin.

Rhum Corner Snacks

  • Patty
  • Accra
  • Bananes Frites
  • Rice N’ Beans
  • Macaroni Au Gratin
  • Organic Greens and Avocado
  • Street Style Griot
  • Albacore Tuna Ceviche
Cashew Chicken with Rice and Beans at Rhum Corner.
Cashew Chicken with Rice and Beans.

Rhum Corner Entrees

  • Grilled Plantains
  • Boulettes
  • Oxtail and Bean Sauce
  • Legumes with Beef
  • Cashew Chicken
  • Whole Fried Fish
Pen Patat is a Caribbean dessert served at Toronto's Rhum Corner.
Pen Patat is a Caribbean dessert served at Toronto’s Rhum Corner.

Rhum Corner Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 6pm-1am

Thursday to Saturday: 6pm-2am

Rhum Corner Reservations

926 Dundas Street West, 647-346-9356

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