Maman French Cafe in Toronto

There have been curious whispers and downright exclamations amongst Toronto’s suit set since fine French cafe Maman opened its doors at First Canadian Place this past summer in the heart of the city’s Financial District. Maman is located on the upper level Food Terrace, surrounded by the fast-food court “usual suspects.” The white washed facade dotted with petite green shrubbery and an antique bicycle can be found hidden at the very back of the space, a diamond in the ruff and saving grace for those looking for a fresh meets elegant mealtime.


Maman serves family-inspired recipes, bringing to life childhood favourites, savoury to sweet, from the South of France. Since the restaurant first opened in July regulars have raved from morning until lunch for the kitchens scrumptious salads, crispy quiche, frothy latte’s and signature chocolate chip cookie (which I can confirm, when served warm, takes you to a rather blissful place).

The restaurant has now launched a new program for the after work crowd which features a top notch craft cocktail program, slew of sippable wines and a selection of tartinettes (petite crostini creations) perfectly for nibbling.


1) Le Vert | blanco tequilla, chartreuse, cucumber, lime, matcha


2) Pork Country pate with pickles


3) Spanish Sardina with sour onions and mustard


4) Brillat Savarin cheese with caramelized onions


5) Citrus Eclaire with meringue, lime and lemon cream

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