Maenam Vancouver: Award Winning Thai Restaurant Near Kitsilano Beach

Maenam Vancouver is one of the best Thai restaurants in Canada. The award winning Asian restaurant in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood specializes in serving authentic dishes from Thailand.

Maenam Vancouver

Maenam is one of Vancouver’s best restaurants. The popular neighbourhood restaurant near Kitsilano Beach was recently ranked in 26th place on Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants 2015 list by Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine. The coveted annual list places Maenam Vancouver on a pedestal as one Canada’s most lauded Thai restaurants.

The dining room at Maenam Vancouver.
The dining room at Maenam Vancouver.

Maenam Vancouver’s Chef

Maenam restaurant’s chef and owner Angus An is a graduate of New York’s prestigious French Culinary Institute. It is here that he worked under the world’s culinary greats including Jacques Pépin, Alain Sailhac and André Soltner, and later apprenticed at Jean Georges Vongerichten’s legendary Jo Jo.

After graduating from the FCI, Angus trained under Chef Normand Laprise at Montreal’s Toqué before moving to London where he worked at Michelin starred restaurants including The Ledbury and The Fat Duck.

Now in Vancouver, Chef An has created a choir of dishes at Maenam based on traditional Thai recipes, with innovative twists that allow for local, sustainably harvested, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Asian-inspired cocktails at Maenam Vancouver.
Asian-inspired cocktails at Maenam Vancouver.

The Bar at Maenam Vancouver

Start your evening at the restaurants by bar sipping through cocktails. Each drink at Maenam is crafted with premium spirits and exotic flavours like pomelo, salty plums, lemongrass and tamarind, which add an Asian twist that will have you puckering on your perch.

The drinks menu includes a strong selection from Vancouver’s craft breweries and cider’s from British Columbia’s interior.

  • Siam Sunburn: chili-infused el jimador tequila, butterscotch, kaffir lime, passionfruit, egg white
  • Muay Thai Sidekick: scotch, tamarind syrup, fresh lime, pineapple, egg white
  • Bamboo Hustle: sheringham seaside gin, lillet blanc, lemon, rhubarb bitters
  • Bang Bao Bitter: brennium aquavit, tempo gin, lemongrass, citric acid, peach cilngstone bitters
  • Chaba Cloud: hibiscus tea infused sid’s vodka, bitterhouse rubato liqueur, green tea simple syrup
  • Lemongrass Daiquiri: anejo rum, lemongrass, fresh lime, simple syrup, grated cassia bark
  • Koh Tao Crawl: bourbon, fresh watermelon, lime juice, mint, grapefruit, hops bitters
  • Thai and Ginger: rye, cassia bark, passionfruit, galangal, ginger beer, angostura
Grilled Thai Sausage and Crispy Rice Salad
Grilled Thai Sausage and Crispy Rice Salad.

Maenam Vancouver Menu

With inspiration found in frequent travel, the menu at Maenam Vancouver is ever-changing but always served with a nod to its traditional context, be it family-style dining or riffs on Thai street food favs.

Traditionally, each dish in Thailand should contribute to the balance of four main styles: hot, sour, sweet, salty. Maenam Vancouver’s culinary team offer a selection of dishes from each style, designed to enrich your Thai dining experience.

Banana Blossom and Fresh Baby Corn Salad.
Banana Blossom and Fresh Baby Corn Salad.

Maenam Vancouver Starters

  • Chicken Satay: peanut sauce, cucumber relish
  • Thai Cupcake with Ahi Tuna: lemongrass, lime leaf, fried shallot, housemade spicy dressing
  • Steamed Manila Clams: young ginger and thai basil with nam jim sauce
  • Grilled Thai Sausage and Crispy Rice Salad: house fermented pork sausage, crispy curried rice puffs, coriander, lemongrass, ginger, fried shallots
  • Brussel Sprout Salad: lemongrass, lime juice, chili flakes, toasted almonds, garlic oil
  • Green Papaya Salad: long beans, carrots, garlic, roasted peanuts, bird’s eye chillies, dried shrimp
  • Hot and Sour Halibut Soup: mushrooms, holy basil, fried thai garlic oil, fried chili
  • Tom Ka Coconut Mushroom and Chicken Soup: galangal, lemongrass, mushrooms, chili jam
  • Tom Ka Coconut Mushroom and Banana Blossom Soup: banana blossom, mushrooms, thai herbs
Eight Spice Lingcod at Maenam Vancouver.
Eight Spice Lingcod at Maenam Vancouver.

Maenam Vancouver Mains

  • Grilled Tiger Prawn Salad: lemongrass, fresh lime dressing, lime leaf, fresh herbs
  • Pork Cheek Salad: braised pork cheek, coconut cream, longon, thai herbs
  • Yum Pak: seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruit with sesame dressing
  • 8 Spice Ling Cod: caramelized palm sugar tamarind sauce, crispy ling cod, fried thai spices and aromatics
  • Pad Prik King Beef Tenderloin: cube tenderloin stir-fry with homemade curry paste, fried thai baby garlic, thai basil
  • Pad Thai: rice noodles, tamarind, peanuts, tofu, egg, sustainable prawns
  • Stir Fry of Thai Long Green Eggplant and Pork: bird’s eye chilies, fermented soy bean paste, fried thai baby garlic
  • Lamb Shank with Red Cumin Curry: braised lamb shank, cherry tomato, holy basil
  • Geng Gati Curry of Seafood: southern style turmeric curry with young coconut, makrut lime leaf
  • Panang Curry of Butternut Squash and Fennel: silky tofu, crispy kale
Beef Panang Curry at Maenam Vancouver.
Beef Panang Curry at Maenam Vancouver.

Maenam Vancouver Hours

Sunday and Monday: 5-10pm

Tuesday to Saturday: 12-12pm and 5-10pm

Maenam Vancouver Reservations

1938 West 4th Avenue, 604-730-5579

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