Sul Verde Restaurant at Rosewood Tucker’s Point Bermuda

I waddled out of my treatment room in a daze, scurrying past the spa’s infinity pool in a plush white robe just as the sun was splashing across the horizon. I felt a bit like a smug zombie after indulging in an hour long massage which left my skin feeling smooth and smelling of woodsy cedar. I felt so well rested and relaxed that my vision blurred as I waddled out the door to meet my chauffeur.

Rosewood Tucker’s Point is Bermuda’s finest resort, offering tastemakers who travel the creme de la creme via jaw dropping suites, world class spa, celebrated golf course and mouth watering restaurants. My visit here is an indulgent one which begins with a rub down, enjoys an interlude at the bar over classic Dark n Stormy and finishes at the resorts dainty Sul Verde Italian inspired dining room.

Sul Verde translates to “on the green” in Italian, a fitting name as the popular restaurant is located at the resorts Clubhouse. The kitchen is helmed by Milano native Chef Guido Brambilla who has done an excellent job at showcasing the simple pleasures that can only be found when digging into rustic Italian. 

My visit to Sul Verde does an excellent job at dispelling the myth that exclusive resorts need to be pretentious and wildly expensive. I follow my waiter from the front door towards my table, he pauses to showcase the massive feasting table which sits in the centre of the room. The table is teaming with a fresh antipasto inspired buffet featuring a half dozen salads, assortment of charcuterie, petite quiche, scorched asparagus, endless mountains of cheese (including a bowl filled with plump housemade burrata), fresh focaccia, housemade pickles, marinated vegetables, raw fish and chorizo stuffed jalapeño.

A crisp, white napkin floats into my lap moments after I plop into my seat and sparkling water slips into my glass as I survey the room. I feel as though I’m watching a Ralph Lauren ad unfold before me as couples dressed in khaki pants eagerly approach the antipasti buffet with polo shirts wrapped around their shoulders. The all-you-can-eat buffet is but a wee $20 and a perfect option for those who have just whisked their way off a tiresome 18 holes and are eager to explore a diversity of tastes and textures without having to commit to one dish.

I order a trilogy of primi, a celebration of carbs featuring hearty pappardelle ragu, thyme and teleggio bechamel slathered crepe grain and shrimp and burrata topped risotto ai gamberi. I slowed things down slightly for secondi, wolfing down the kitchens signature Sul Verde pizza topped with parma ham, arugula, tomato sauce and burrata before slicing through a crispy breaded veal escalope finessed with a simple arugula salad flecked with nutty parmesan.

Sweet fans should be sure to indulge in classic Zeppole di san Giuseppe, fritters tossed in cinnamon sugar, dipped generously in vanilla custard and thick chocolate ganache before spooning through a glass of berry coulis topped Pana Cotta. An indulgent custard of sweet cream which is light on the tongue and tricks your mind into believing you’ve just treated yourself to an evening who’s motto is loitering in lean.

The Feast:

Antipasti  Buffet

house made pickles, focaccia, charcuterie, mozzarella, salads, marinated vegetables


pappardelle, beef, red wine, rosemary


crepes gratin, spinach, teleggio cheese, tomato sauce, thyme bechamel

Risotto Ai Gamberi e Burrata

shrimp, tomato, basil, burrata

Sul Verde Pizza

burrata, arugula, parma ham, tomato sauce

La Milanese Vestita

breaded veal escalope, arugula, bermuda tomatoes, parmesan

Zeppole di san Giuseppe

fritters in cinnamon sugar vanilla custard and chocolate ganache

Panna Cotta

classic vanilla, milk and cream custard with mixed berry coulis


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