Tofu Village in Toronto’s Korea Town

So as many of you know, I lived in Korea for a year. As you would expect I became a Korean Cuisine elitist. Upon returning to Toronto I was deflated by the mediocre offerings available in the city. I missed the true Samgyeopsal experience and affordable prices for just about anything (2 dollar beer and a huge galbi bbq for 10 dollars was the norm). I have ventured to several Korean restaurants in the city whenever I am feeling a bit nostalgic for Seoul food.

Tofu Village located in the heart of Toronto’s Korea Town was recently featured in Toronto Life as one of the top Korean spots in the city worth visiting. I ordered items on the menu which people had raved about online: the chapchae simple stir fry and Soon Tofu. Tofu Village has great service and is a cheap and cheerful spot to enjoy a selection of traditional home cooked Korean dishes but still has me on the search for an elevated Korean dinning experience. To be continued…

We enjoyed:


Beef Bulgogi

Pork Soon Tofu

Fried Dumplings

Beef Bibimbap

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