The Noble Pig Brewhouse in Kamloops

Kamloops is located at the confluence of the two branches of the Thompson River in south central British Columbia. The industrious town offers a perfect taste of small town British Columbia, surrounded by ranch land and employing a fair share of the population at its pulp mill and copper mine.

The short drive from the airport had me relishing in the quiet calm of my upcoming rural romp. The sun splashed across grey mountains as we cruised along the highway. It seemed as though we were racing a choo-choo-train which I assume had just made an epic journey across the nations great plains in search of Vancouver.

Kamloops is a major transit hub, offering many weary truck drivers a much needed break while making the jaunt across Alberta’s Rocky Mountain range. On my quick drive I spotted a handful of Tim Hortons, local greasy spoon diners and “authentic Chinese restaurants” which claimed to also serve classic Canadian cuisine (rolls eyes).

For good reason locals in Kamloops have fallen in love with The Noble Pig Brewhouse. Chef Jared Summer serves up seasonal menus which focus on celebrating local ingredients while brewmaster Chris Stewart pours a creative collection of brews which include fan favourites Honey Badger Pale Ale, Wallonian Pig Belgian Peppered Ale and Fascist Pig Pilsner.

The restaurant offers a breezy space dichotomy where sports aficionados can tuck themselves under the bar and fine dining fans sit at comfy upholstered u-booths. Our team skips eagerly towards a long feasting table which sits under an inverted canoe-cum-chandelier. I peaked over my shoulder and waved at the cooks in the kitchen before running my finger down the menu.

A few moments later a trilogy of beer samples smiled at me from under my nose. I nibbled on addictive crispy pickles while sipping my way through The Noble Pig’s refreshing House Lager, spicy Pepper Ale and frothy Amber Ale. Just as the last suds slipped from cool glass to my eager mug a parade of plates arrived at the table.

The cool autumn air that afternoon welcomed a hearty feast featuring crispy Mocha Porter Mushroom on Toast, Coq au Bier served on buttery spaetzle and a wee cast iron bubbling with sweet meets smoky Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese. I waddle outside, totally content with my food coma.

The Feast:

Beer Flight

house lager, pepper ale, amber ale

Crispy Pickles

cajun seasoned breading, spicy dill ranch dip

Mocha Porter Mushrooms on Toast

toasted audrey, shaved parmesan, creme fraiche, truffle

Harvest Salad

poached pear, warm roasted squash, walnuts, blue benedictine, orange peppered ale dressing

Lamb Burger

roast garlic & onion glaze, caramelized apples, melted brie

Coq au Bier

tender mocha porter braised chicken, spaetzle, rainer bacon, mushrooms, peas, pearl onions

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese

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