Ping Pong at Spin Toronto on King West

I’m no ping pong expert but the sport does resonate with my childhood. My parents bought us a table one Christmas. It was rather funny as we were just wee kids at the time and woke up to a tree with very few presents. My parents excitedly told my sister and I to walk down into the basement to find our big present. We gasped with eyes wide open having no clue why we had received a green table for Christmas outfitted with a wee net. The paddles looked confusing and the balls were light as a feather. Over the course of the next year I’d play countless games with my sister and parents, launching my mediocre career as a hobbiest.

Fast forward to “in the now,” and I haven’t played ping pong in years but very much enjoy a feast. I had heard about Spin in Toronto for some time so was delighted to hear their menu was getting a refresh for the Spring and Summer. Located in a 12,000 sq ft space just west of Spadina on King Street, Spin Toronto is a ping pong social club that boasts two licensed bars, 12 ping-poing tables, cocktail menu, sustainability centric food menu, lounge and private party room.

The King West restaurants walls are covered in whimsical art for sale while attractive Spin staffers whisk their way around each table collecting stray balls with a cane contraption which scoops with ease. Once finished shooting the space I grabbed a seat at a picnic table and chatted with a few of my foodie friends. Over the course of the next two hours we sampled a slew of the menu and sipped on crafty cocktails and ice cold beer and cider.

The menu is colourful and offers a few surprises that you wouldn’t typically encounter at a sporting beer slugging sort of venue. Highlights from the end of my straw included Spring Negroni, The Hurricane and The Peach Pit. The food was fantastic but be warned some of the dishes require getting your hands a little dirty. Highlights from the bits and bites included chicken and waffle platter, garlic prawns, fresh veggie and chips and crab stuffed jalapeno poppers.

The Feast:

Spring Negroni

lavender hendrick’s, lillet blanc, aperol


bacardi black, bacardi white, passion fruit, pomegranate

The Peach Pit

bulleit, peach, vanilla

Cheese and Meats

market cheese, cured meats, pickles, kozlik’s mustard, flat bread

Fresh Veggie Chips

colored beets, heirloom carrots, radish, spin sauce

Cast Iron Prawns

inland farmed prawns, old bay, garlic, chives


jalapenos, atlantic rock crab, buttermilk ranch

Kung Pao Tofu

extra firm tofu, burnt pineapple glaze, jicama slaw

5 Step Fries Supreme

rose family kennebec potatoes, easy cheese, taco fixins

Can o’ Tuna

line caught ahi tartare, quail egg, herb salad, toast

Chicken N Waffles Platter

king capon chicken breast, jalapenos, local honey

Slopped Joe

ontario lamb shoulder, poppy seed roll, house pickles

Hogtown Grilled Cheese

cheddar, monteray jack, gruyere, house ketchup

Taco Salad

king capon chicken, avocado, turtle beans, cheese

Daily Sundae

ginger vanilla this time around

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