Slickers Ice Cream in Prince Edward County

I visited Slickers Ice Cream during my Prince Edward County FORD Foodie Road Trip.

Slickers Ice Cream has become synonymous with Prince Edward County and is a must visit for every sweet toothed visitor. Slickers was started in 1997 by Pat Hacker and Marie Frye, as a humble operation in the corner of Luigi’s Pizza in Bloomfield. Home made pies and County fruit were added to the creams and the resulting custom County product sold well in their miniature space.

Confident that Slickers had a future, Marie attended the University of Guelph’s famous Ice Cream Program! Since then they have opened other facilities in The County and distribution channels have expanded as Ice Cream can now be purchased online. I love cute story’s like this where honest and passionate people take a small idea and with a little hard work and determination make themselves known.

We sampled:

Campfire Cream “Roasted Marshmallow”

Rhubarb and Ginger

Oh Henry Campfire Fudge

Apple Pie


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