Sakis Grill House in Mykonos

Locals on the island of Mykonos proudly exclaim “in the summer the party here runs 24 hours a day.” After spending my Friday eve enjoying a sud-sloshed tour of the old town’s nightlife hot spots I found myself pining for a late night snack. Luckily I had a local guide who at 2am beelined us directly from the beach in search of Sakis.

I love chowing down on famous drunk food in the destinations I visit. I find when I chat with notable chef’s they are more keen to rave about a favourite local cheap eats hole-in-the-wall than lauded Michelin starred restaurant. There’s something special about a late night feast: wandering out of a club, dizzy on disco in search of a memorable (and often sloppy) meal. Montreal serves up ooy gooey poutine, Osaka crispy okonomayaki and Spain a magical show of tiny tapas.

Locals love Sakis Grill House in old town Mykonos and as I walked up the restaurants cobblestone steps I couldn’t help but notice a choir of cute kittens expressing their own enthusiasm. For Greek’s, classic late night street eats are served up in a humble gyro. While the wrap concept might seem simple it’s the restaurants quality ingredients and friendly service that distinguish it as the true winner on the street.

We ordered three massive parchment wrapped cones and hauled them outside, perching ourselves on a petite patio. Two cat’s let out a hungry meow at my feet as I devoured the first beast. The chef at Sakis makes his pita from scratch, producing a product that is a bit thicker than his rivals. I alternated my thirst quenching between local Alfa Lager and sweet Amstel Radler, pausing to contemplate my impressions of that evenings epic gyro trilogy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the beef burger stuffed option (just give me a hamburger already!) but found myself falling into a deep trance while nibbling on pita wrapped in pork and chicken + bacon souvlaki.

The noble gyro keeps things simple and satisfying: warm and chewy pita stuffed with creamy tzatziki, juicy tomato, crunchy slaw, fatty fries and perfectly grilled meat. Once you’ve dined under the stars at Sakis you’ll mumble to yourself, “it all makes sense now.”

The Feast:

alfa beer

amstel radler

pork pita gyros

chicken bacon souvlaki pita

pita beef burger

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