Row House Lobster Co in Charlottetown

I landed at the airport in Charlottetown shortly after 1pm and while walking to the parking lot was immediately asked, “are you hungry do you need something to eat?” I had indulged in half a cup of coffee and a small pouch of raisons on my flight from Toronto so responded with an air of eagerness “Yes please! Let’s make my first feast in PEI a lobster bonanza!”

The sun was shining as we strolled along the hustle and bustle of Victoria Row, a street lined with restaurants and pubs where I found locals lounging on sun-soaked patio. Row House Lobster Co opened up shop at the start of the season, offering guests a playful menu which celebrates the bounty offered by local producers. The interior is open concept and its nod to the nautical offers a laid back atmosphere perfect for enjoying hearty, unpretentious grub.

Many of the dishes here highlight the islands culinary hero, the noble lobster. I opted to order a selection of whimsical plates which paid homage to PEI’s favourite crustacean. I began be whetting my whistle with a pint of Sir John A Honey Wheat Ale produced by local craft producer PEI Brewing Co.

Over the next hour I quenched my thirst while feasting on four lobster-centric dishes. I began by tipping my hat to the classic lobster roll which was served alongside a fresh slaw. The Tempura lobster lollypops offered a nice zing via cilantro lime sauce and are perfect for sharing. The most memorable moment of course was when I threw my calorie counter out the window and dug in to a large steaming bowl of lobster poutine. Crispy hand-cut fries adorned with butter poached lobster, covered in creamy bechamel and dotted with cheese curds… Bonjour, this is bliss! 

The Feast:

Sir John A Honey Wheat Ale

pei brewing co

PEI Lobster Poutine

hand-cut fries, butter poached lobster, bechamel, cheese curds

Mini Lobster Roll

classic buttered soft roll, lemon chive mayo, house slaw

Tempura Lobster Lollipops

chilli garlic aioli, cilantro-lime dipping sauce

Lobster Tacos

lobster pieces, charred corn, tomato salsa, lime creme fraiche

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  1. We loved having you and hope you come back for another visit.
    We decided to stay open for the winter months as well and have stocked our bar with PEI’s largest selection of Scotch! Next week we launch our Fall/Winter menu featuring: bacon steak (seriously), Asian-inspired beef ribs, MacQuarrie’s pork chop, salmon beurre blanc and spiced-wine and pear stuffed Cornish hen.
    Thanks for the great review.
    Cynthia King
    Row House Lobster Co.