Rose and Sons Restaurant in Toronto

I have been meaning to zoom up to Dupont to enjoy Chef Anthony’s decadent diner Rose and Sons for what seems like an age. I’ve heard endless accolades about his calorie clogging brunch and similar smiles shared at the table for his evening eats. This past summer I had an opportunity to pop by his new outdoor Canadiana BBQ concept Big Crow and made a pact when I left that I’d be back before Christmas to indulge in a little R&S.

It was early October when I pedaled up Avenue Road. The sun set across the sky with a splattering of pink, orange and yellow. Toronto sometimes takes your breath away even when you are already breathless on your bike. Joining me at the table that evening would be good friends Karolyne and Steph who I have been meaning to catch up with for weeks.

Shortly after 7pm on a Friday we scooted into a comfy booth in the restaurants petite dining room while rushing our fingers through the menu. With extreme TGIF feast cravings we ordered a trilogy of cocktails and sipped hard on the catchup. We started off by forking our way through a slice of corn bread griddle drizzled in hot sauce and maple syrup. A naughty grease filled threesome fornicated on our table top a full on sloppy mess: special fried rice topped with crispy pork belly, steak frites sopped in montpelier butter and a burger sandwiched between two slices of rye. Our bacchanal concluded with a sweet finish featuring a slice of bread pudding douched in wild blueberries and maple. Calories, recognize!

The Feast:

Cocktail Trilogy

dark and stormy, chimayo, like ricky

Brother Junipers Corn Bread Griddle

hot sauce, maple syrup

Special Fried Rice

pork belly, ginger, peanuts, china town sauce

Steak Frites

skirt steak, montpelier butter, jus

Patty Melt Burger

rye, pickle, frites

frites, pickle

Bread Pudding

wild blueberries, maple syrup

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