Putte’s Bar and Pizza in Helsinki

My first dinner in Helsinki was enjoyed with my old friend Annukka. We hadn’t seen each other in some ten years so I was excited to devour a rustic Italian feast while catching up on life. We marched into local favorite Puette’s Bar and Pizza just before the dinner rush. We actually found the last available table, dropped our bags and went up to the front to suss out the menu and chat with the bartender who then took our order. Moments later we were gobbling down slices of hot ooey gooey pizza while swigging down bitter beer. By the time we left at 7pm or so the place was busy as a hive. The walls are decked out in funky photography and the bar which spans the entire length of the restaurant is a great welcome after a long day.

We enjoyed:

Urho Lahti Finnish Beer

Roasted Root Vegetables

portobello mushrooms, ricotta, parsley

Gorgonzola Pizza

walnut, mozzarella, tomato

Pizza Special

beef brisket, red peppers, rocket

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