Paintbox Bistro in Toronto

I had recently seen a piece on the CBC about a new restaurant which had just opened in Toronto’s Regent Park at Dundas and Parliament. Paint Box Bistro opened at the end of September to a nice boost from Canadian media. The positive buzz comes from the restaurants for profit business model with a social-enterprise mandate. The restaurants ambitious 9,000 sq ft, multi-purpose culinary project has been launched in the East End to provide job training to those who call Regent Park, Moss Park and St. Jamestown home. I could not help but smile when I heard about a do-good restaurant experience…the concept reminded me a lot of the Fabarnak at 519 Community Centre in The Village. Nothing better than enjoying dinner while supporting a great cause.

We arrived at 6pm and were greeted ever so kindly with a soft hand shake and a smile by a gentleman at the host table. The dining room is spacious with an open concept kitchen (you can wave at the chef as you walk to the washroom) and cute little bar. We were seated in a little nook featuring a massive bookcase jam packed full of vintage odds and ends. Each table offered up a glowing candle and centre piece featuring a swath of paintbrushes.

I have to say I was surprised (read: delighted) by the creative coming out of the kitchen. The menu reads on trend and offers a few culinary adventures. Service was attentive and each of our plates was brought out by a of cook from the kitchen. I really liked this special touch, it allows the culinary artists in the back of house to interact with guests at the table. Please do check out Paint Box Bistro, a truly admirable revitalization project in Toronto’s East End worth supporting one delicious bite at a time!

We enjoyed:

Onion Jammed Grilled Cheese

Ras Al Hanout Spiced Falafel

sunflower seed tahini

Boston Bib Caesar Hand Rolls

Smoked Wild Salmon

arugula, radishes, lemon vinaigrette

Fried Pigs Head

harissa buttermilk ranch, cabbage

Flank Steak

smoked potato puree, artichokes, whisky jus

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