Nico Osteria Restaurant in Chicago

Chicago’s is the cities most charming feature. A petite square in the razzle dazzle affluent Gold Coast neighbourhood, the wee park is a local joke as grey haired millionaires loiter while licking ice cream cones in hopes of getting lucky with a buxom blond beauty.

Maxime and I would spend our final evening in The Windy City at the recently launched Thompson Hotel which sits overlooking The Triangle. At ground level this chic hotel offers a wrap around patio perfect for people watching. Our final feast would take place within the hustle and bustle of the hotel’s Nico Osteria. Our trip had been an epic one full of fond memories and we both agreed our experience at the Thompson’s seafood centric Italian restaurant was the cherry on our sundae.

We started off the evening by scooting up to the hotel’s Salone Nico bar. The bartenders here successfully celebrate the European tradition of afternoon aperitifs and low-proof cocktails. We whisked our Blueberry Cobbler and simply titled Gilder into the dining room, sipping through sweet liquid while running our fingers through the restaurants menu.

Nico Osteria is brought to you by the team behind One Off Hospitality Group, a tip of the hat to Executive Chef Paul Kahan and restaurateurs Donnie Madia, Terry Alexander and Kimberly Galban. Chef Erling Wu-Bower’s house-made pastas and fresh seafood, alongside Pastry Chef Amanda Rockman’s unconventionally creative and approachable style are perfectly suited for the setting’s rustic elegance. The kitchens daily changing menu utilizes pristine product prepared to showcase the farmers and fishermen’s bounty. 

Our farewell feast started with a duo of crudo, glistening Kanpachi and Hamachi adorned with whispers of chervil, pink gooseberry and hen of the woods. Our hearts stopped as we tackled a large plate of Softshell Crab alla Romana. We eagerly dipped creamy ricotta stuffed crispy into salsa verde and agro mosto before pitching into mouths ajar.

Pasta is perfect here, “eyes roll into the back of your head and skull cracks” sort of bliss. Stuffed Pappardelle is lovingly filled with milk braised pork and adorned with carrots and black truffle while the restaurants signature Rigatoni is dressed lightly with a hearty northern ragu. We wrap up on savoury as a large oval plate is whisked under our nose, an attempt to eat healthy via salt crusted branzino.

Our final bow would arrive as a sweet finish trilogy featuring decadent Nico Torte, refreshingly creamy Vanilla Pana Cotta and trio of house made gelato featuring 68% nyangbo chocolate, hazelnut and apricot sorbet. Wobbling towards the elevator Maxime and I found our eyes crossing. Ready for bed I couldn’t help but smile, died and gone to heaven darling!

The Feast:

Blueberry Cobbler

blueberry death’s door gin, citrus, honey, amaro cardamaro


ch vodka, spring sorbet (lemon balm / mint / basil) prosecco


crispy potato, corn banyuls vinegar, chervil


pink gooseberry, hen of the woods mushrooms

Beet and Hazeltut Pesto

pickled beet greens, fennel, gorgonzola

Softshell Crab alla Romana

bibb lettuce, salsa verde, agro mosto

Stuffed Pappardelle

milk braised pork, carrots, black truffle


northern ragu

Salt Crusted Branzino

heirloom tomato, aged balsamic, basil

Nico Torte

lemon, pickled blueberry, ginger, citrus poppyseed gelato

Vanilla Pana Cotta

white peach, prosecco, honey, tarragon

Gelato Trilogy

68% nyangbo chocolate, hazelnut, apricot sorbet

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