L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel Restaurant in Montreal

After Mike, Andrew and I enjoyed a wild and wonderful tour of Montreal’s Snow Village we headed back to the Hotel Nelligan to warm up and spiff up for dinner. I was thrilled to be enjoying my final supper in the city at the much lauded L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel located a hop, skip and a jump from our suite.

The history of the building alone would make this Old Montreal landmark worth a visit. Built as a two-story house by a French soldier in 1688, it is North America’s first inn and later, the first establishment to be granted a liquor license under British rule. Recently the property was purchased by Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte and pop star Garou who have transformed the space into a mesmerizing ode to contemporary art.

As soon as you arrive there are most certainly indications that the property is owned by the worlds most famous champion of “circus.” The lobby is filled with magical moments: a spinal column of a whale lit for dramatic effect, side tables outfitted with hoofs and a truly Canadian sculptural work featuring two taxidermied moose sewn together at their necks.

Under the stewardship of the Michelin-starred Provencal chef Eric Gonzalez, Auberge Saint-Gabriel has successfully solidified itself as Montreal’s most successful combination of swank vibe and culinary cred. After being seated in the main dining room we strolled through the menu while snacking on a fantastic charcuterie board and sipping on cocktails. We had eaten a massive amount already that day and were just about to throw on our winter gear for a dance-tastic Igloofest experience so opted for a light and leisurely meal.

Mike enjoyed a stunning gnocchi dish adorned with squash, trumpets, apples, endives and brussel sprouts. Andrew selected a fish dish which caused us all to pause, marinated salmon married with celery cream, pomegranate, clementine and shellfish mousse. I opted for the simplest of cold winter night pleasures. A humble bowl of parsnip soup warmed the soul with salsify, pear, hazelnuts and a velvety wine jelly.

We enjoyed:

Desperados Margarita

agave, tequila, grand marnier

Blue Lavender Margarita

lavender syrup, tequila, tea

Chai Mojito

rum, chai syrup, mint, lime


Amuse the Mouth

truffle cappuccino

Charcuterie Board

Potato Gnocchi

squash, trumpets, apples, endives, brussels sprouts, comte crostini

Marinated Salmon

celery cream, pomegranate, clementine, shellfish mousse

Parsnip Soup

salsify, pear, hazelnuts, velvety wine jelly

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