Restaurant Kuu in Helsinki

I hopped on the Helsinki Metro and jumped off at the stop across from the cities Opera House. A few minutes walk in the rain and I found little Kuu. I was greeted by the eager gentlemen who would play the part of waiter for the evening. He seated me at a table where I was seated beside a mysterious gentleman. I typically arrive at restaurants and conduct reviews solo so I was intrigued to discover who the young chap sitting across from me was. I soon discovered that Tio was the son of the owner of the restaurant and would be keeping me company throughout my meal.

Restaurant Kuu, or “the Moon” in English, was founded in 1966 with an eye above the clouds. Tio explained that the restaurant originally opened the year that NASA landed on the moon so the history here is whimsical and innovative. Since the beginning the atmosphere was described as reminiscent of a continental bistro. The restaurant is located on the quiet corner of Töölönkatu and Kivelänkatu opposite a calm green park. The harmoniously simple interior gives a relaxed comfortable feel. The restaurants year round glass walled terrace is favoured by those who enjoy being close to nature.

The kitchen offers a range of Finnish classics and Scandinavian dishes with a modern touch. Chef Lukas Hemnell presents the best ingredients available prepared to accentuate their natural flavors served with an uncomplicated aesthetic balance.

I scanned the menu and instructed the server to start me off with the deep fried camembert served with local cloudberry jam (obviously). The risotto was a trip with the gentle pop of foam on the tongue and richness of goat cheese mousse and sweet beet as compliment. The show stopper here was my pork ribs paired with pork rillette and onion vinaigrette #OMG. The meal consisted of a steady stream of wine glasses perfectly paired with each dish. The Fat Lady closed the show with a wee cup of espresso and a sweet plate featuring prima donna trio: chocolate, raspberry and yogurt. Take a space ship to Kuu, will have you over the moon.

We enjoyed:

Deep-fried Camembert

cloudberry jam

Country Style Salad

spring chicken

Beetroot Risotto

goat cheese mousse and asparagus

Pork Ribs

pork rillette and onion vinaigrette

Roasted Fillet of Reindeer

port wine sauce

Milk Chocolate Fondant

raspberry and yoghurt ice cream

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