Kauiki Restaurant at Travaasa Hana Maui

I spent my last three days in Maui relaxing and rejuvenating in remote Hana at Travaasa Resort. Each morning I would wake up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise over the Pacific. Immediately after inspiring myself with the colours blasting across the horizon I would spend an hour exercising via early morning swim or hatha yoga class.

After a short stroll through whispering palm and manicured tropical gardens I would arrive at Kauiku the properties signature restaurant. I would start off with a mug of Maui grown coffee followed by a thick and floral tropical fruit smoothie. I’d slowly sip, allowing my body to fully realize the start to a new day while listening to birds chirp and the ocean crash along the shore in the distance.  Over the course of several morns I treated myself to sweets: warm freshly baked Cinnamon Rolls covered in icing and French Toast with Grand Marnier accented by a twirl or two of Coconut Syrup. On the savoury side of things the Eggs Benedict forces a smug mug when accompanied by a side of crispy bacon while Three Egg Omelet’s allow diners to bespoke themselves silly.

My final feast in Maui would be a relaxing dinner at Kauiki, a final farewell to Hawaiian Paradise and the bubbly personalities I was now fortunate enough to call friends. Celebratory sips started with Champagne Dreams featuring sweet lemongrass, ginger and vanilla bean. Throughout the evening a local three man band played classic Hawaiian folk while local women took the stage, entertaining the crowd with slow and sensual hula.

Chef Derek Watanabe amused our mouths from the get go with his Portuguese Sausage Wonton stuffed with mozzarella and sautéed onion served with sweet sambal. Appetizers were served family style and focused on showcasing a local taste of place: seared ahi poke paired perfectly with soft cubes of tofu, a local pohole fern salad was generously dressed with tamari soy and spicy chinese style little neck clams poked their heads out of the bowl, swimming in hoisin bbq. I of course had to enjoy one final filet of Mahi Mahi which was topped with a savoury curry shiitake cream and paired with sweet fried caramelized apple bananas. After the team bid farewell I slipped a smile and strolled back to my room, watching the full moon smirk back at me from above.

For Breakfast:

Strawberry, Honeydew, Cantaloupe Smoothie

Freshly Baked Cinnamon Roll

Eggs Benedict and Crispy Bacon

Three Egg Omelet

French Toast “Longhi Style” with Grand Marnier and Coconut Syrup

For Dinner:

Pineapple Mojito

lime juice, local mint, fresh pineapple, malibu pineapple rum

Champagne Dreams

champagne, sweet lemongrass and ginger, vanilla bean

Mai Tai

fine rums and hawaiian fruit juices

Portugese Sausage Wonton

mozzarella, sauteed onion, tomato, green onion, sambal

Seared Ahi Poke

organic tofu, hamakua tomato, red onion, scallion, kaiware sprouts

Spicy Chinese Style Little Neck Clams

hoisin bbq butter sauce

Hana’s Pohole Fern Salad

cucumber, green onion, cherry tomato, red onion, tamari soy oriental dressing

Kula Mix Greens

radicchio, hamakua tomato, white balsamic vinaigrette

Maui Cattle Company Beef “Osso Bucco”

asparagus, celeriac mash

Grilled Kalbi Style Australian Lamb Chops

broccoli, pinenut kimchee, asparagus, furikake jasmine rice

Hana’s Lilikoi Glazed Uku

grey snapper, bok choy, roasted tomato, okinawan sweet potato mash, coconut lime sauce

Ulu Breadfruit Trio

hash with organic poached egg, hollandaise sauce, root vegetable stew, coconut pudding

Curry Shiitake Cream Glazed Mahi Mahi

caramelized apple banana, saffron vegetable risotto

Miso White Quinoa Rice Paper Roll

braised konnyaku, watercress, cherry tomato, ginger kambu broth, kochojang sauce

Breadfruit Croquettes

macadamia nut ice cream, passion fruit

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