Review: Hamraborg, Westfjords

My first meal in Westfjords, Iceland was a bit of a funny happenstance. I had just arrived on my flight from Reykjavik and was advised that it was a national holiday so the majority of businesses were closed. Gustaf, my guide for the next three days took me to an unassuming shop called Hamraborg. He mentioned that this particular shop was voted as the most famous “shop” in all of Iceland. The term shop here refers to what we in Canada would call a Convenience Store and Cafe. Hamraborg has become famous because it doesn’t just sell the regular chocolate bars, ice cream, hamburgers and potato chips…it also sells instruments such as guitars and drum sticks which hang from the ceiling. After several epic meals in Reykjavik I couldn’t have been happier drinking beer, eating deep fried cheese sticks and a hamburger with fries. Now that’s what I call comfort food and a warm welcome!

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