Elliot’s Restaurant at White Point Beach Resort

Located along one of Nova Scotia’s most dramatic beaches, White Point Beach Resort offers its visitors romantic Maritime rhythms, wild natural beauty and the breezy air of the Atlantic. I spent the afternoon road tripping along the provinces stunning Southern Shore and arrived at the lodge in the late afternoon. After freshening up at my cozy cottage I enjoying a stroll along the properties 1km long sandy beach.

Just before the dinner hour our group met around a fire pit where we enjoyed a classic Nova Scotian mussel bake served alongside a board of local fromage. I could hear the rush of waves crashing along the shore as sweet seafood and creamy casein plopped into each of our mouths. After our al fresco pre-dinner nibbles we were motioned into the main lodge. We would spend the evening feasting around a large table in Elliot’s Restaurant which offers stunning views of the ocean below.

White Point Beach Resort dining room is named after the properties founding owner, Howard Elliot. The restaurant entrance is warm and cozy, featuring a ring of comfy chairs which sit huddled around a crackling beachstone fireplace. Floor to ceiling windows offer a flood of natural light while petite patio offers tan fans a perch to take in the swell of the ocean, roaring surf and stunning sunset.

Memorable sips that eve include a moody splash of Pinot Noir from Gaspereau Vineyards, thirst quench via Avondale Sky Winery’s signature Summerville crafted from L’Acadie Blanc grapes and a warm Apple Pie Cocktail featuring Lunenburg’s Ironworks Apple Brandy, steeped tea and cinnamon stick.

Executive Chef Alan Crosby does an excellent job at presenting an authentic taste of place to hungry diners. Highlights from his kitchen include Baby Arugula Salad (adorned with crumbled blue, sweet pear and toasted walnuts), BBQ Shrimp (charred lemon, dried cherry tomatoes and sweet cream), Cedar Roast Salmon (with brown sugar-smoked paprika and cinnamon crust) and a Cast Iron Bread Pudding featuring amarena cherries, almond caramel and boozy amaretto ice cream.

Just as we were finishing dinner our host discovered her guests from Germany and Korea had never heard of (let alone tasted) a Smore before. She jumped out of her seat and moments later had us scooting across the dining room as she tightly grasped a tray teaming with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. We were in for a special treat that evening as a musician from Cape Breton crooned in front of the bar to a packed house. As he entertained the crowd we huddled around a booming fireplace. The smell of sweet marshmallows caramelizing over an open flame…a heavenly Canadian summer snack tradition!

The Feast:

Gaspereau Vineyards Pinot Noir, Nova Scotia

Avondale Sky Summerville L’Acadie Blanc, Nova Scotia

Apple Pie Cocktail

ironworks apple brandy, tea, cinnamon stick


Mussel Bake + Fromage Board

Baby Arugula Salad

crumbled blue, pear, toasted walnuts, crispy onion, cider vinaigrette

BBQ Shrimp

jumbo shrimp, cream, “low country” reduction, charred lemon, oven dried cherry tomatoes

Cedar Roast Salmon

brown sugar-smoked paprika + cinnamon crust, roasted pineapple-tomato salsa

Rack of Ribs

chipotle bbq sauce, 3 cheese mac n’ cheese

Flourless Chocolate Cake

mayan chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate sauce

Cast Iron Bread Pudding

amarena cherries and almond, caramel, amaretto ice cream

Double Deep Carrot Cake

rum caramel sauce, soft cream

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