Edo Sushi at Windermere House in Muskoka

I visited Edo Sushi during my stay at Windermere House on Lake Rosseau Muskoka. Erin and I visited on two separate occasions during our stay, always enjoyed on the verandah for that stunning lake view. The restaurant is a cottage country extension of its two Toronto locations on Eglinton and Spadina. Edo enjoyed on the verandah at Windermere House may just offer up the best sushi in Muskoka as well as an ambiance which is unbeatable. Erin mentioned that Sushi at the hotel has become somewhat of an iconic experience. Cottagers hop in their boats and park at the Windermere House docks, walk up the terrace and plop themselves down for a quick bite. Also a perfect place to call in a sushi dinner, hop on a sailboat and cross your fingers that the wind will be in full force to whip you home in a hurry. Cottage country take out has never been so fabulous.

We sampled:

Muskoka Cream Ale

Inari Sushi

Seaweed Salad

three types of seaweed with EDO sesame dressing

Tuna Sushi Pizza

tuna sashimi, deep fried sushi rice, green onion, tobiko, dynamite sauce

Spider Roll

soft shell blue crab, asparagus, dynamite and unagi sauces

Green Dragon Roll

avocado strips on shrimp tempura maki

Miso Soup

white miso, bonito broth, tofu, green onion, wakame

Shrimp Tempura

three deep fried black tiger shrimp with dynamite sauce

Spicy Salmon Hand Roll

tempura bits, dynamite sauce, cucumber, green onin

Black Dragon Roll

unagi over vegetarian maki

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