The Catch Kitchen in Prince Edward Island

West Point Lighthouse Inn is one of PEI’s most photographed landmarks. Surrounded by rolling dunes and the islands iconic red sandy beaches, it’s hard not to find yourself romanced by its quiet calm. This particular corner of Prince Edward Island is relatively rural and would soon discover each night a gaggle of guests sleeping at the inn stroll 10 minutes down the road to dine at The Catch Kitchen + Bar.

The team at Catch launched at the start of the season now offering hungry West Point visitors a friendly bar and pretty patio with a view. I arrived just as the sun slipped across the horizon and was seated on the 2nd floor porch overlooking a fleet of lobster fishing boats. While sussing out the menu I waved over at a group of fishermen who kept busy hauling in their catch.

I start by sipping on rum spiked Dark & Stormy and can’t help but laugh as Ben Harper’s Burn One Down rings through the overhead speakers. It is at Catch that I first experience quintessential East Coast hospitality which ironically paired perfectly with Ben Harper’s chilled out acoustic anthem.

I enjoyed a trilogy of tasty treats that evening, an unforgettably relaxing solo feast which began with sweet sunset sighs, followed by finger licking good finale. Hot Spinach Dip bubbles when it arrives at the table, probably a great item to share with friends but manage to polish off the creamy cheese filled bowl in mere seconds on my own. Fish Tacos feature classic fried haddock which pair nicely with crunchy slaw and chipotle aioli. The restaurants signature burger is a mighty mammoth, dressed to impress with bacon, lettuce, onions, pickles, house made cheddar and ale sauce and smokey hickory sticks.

I swear I was barely bloated when I waddled home. I headed straight for the beach while plugged into Sia’s Elastic Heart. I was pleased to finish off the day by skipping along oceans edge as a crimson sunset blasted across the Atlantic.

The Feast:

Dark & Stormy

Beach Chair Lager

pei brewing co

Hot Spinach Dip

creamy spinach, parmesan, tortilla chips

Fish Taco

breaded haddock, crunchy slaw, cilantro, chipotle aioli, lime, warm tortilla

Cheddar and Ale Burger

bacon, lettuce, onions, pickles, house made cheddar and ale sauce, smokey hickory sticks, onion roll


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