Review: Carousel Cafe, Toronto

Carousel Cafe is a corny little restaurant located a stones throw away from the Ferry Terminal on Center Island. The interior is decked out with carousel horses and mirrors which makes the small dining space actually appear spacious. We were informed by our server that it was the last day of the season. He indicated that the restaurant sometimes has a two hour line up during the hot summer months when people want to sit on the patio with a jug of beer which overlooks the river. The menu features Canadian pub mainstays. Nothing fancy here.

My dad and I each ordered a pint of Alexander Keith’s. He ate a rather flaccid grilled cheese sandwich and I enjoyed chicken tenders with poutine. We shared onion rings which we dipped in ranch dressing. Calorie central! We walked it all off I assure you.

#106 restaurant reviewed in Ontario since moving to Toronto in 2010. 

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