Brunch at Marben Restaurant in Toronto

My favourite gastronomic zone in Toronto right now is King West Village.

I am excited to be sharing with you these pictures from my new favourite member of this King West restaurant family, Marben restaurant.

The interior of the space is reminiscent of a quirky farm house: mason jar chandeliers, hearth bread served on wood planks, pictures of forest animals and an amazing wooden sculpture which whisks its way through the dining room like a wave running towards a whirlpool. It was my mothers birthday so we banded together for a delicious Sunday brunch.

We enjoyed the following:

Organic Cava and fresh grapefruit juice

The SJ: maple syrup, double shot of espresso, capp

Ceasar: served in a cutesy mason jar

Hearth Bread with churned butter and concord grape and strawberry preserve

Little Bird Salad: barley, rye berries quinoa, celery, apple, almonds

Bread Pudding French Toast: Honey fruit with bacon

Traditional: 2 eggs, fries kennedy with sausage.

Michelle’s Benny: peameal, cheddar, hollandaise

Pork and Beans

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