Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek

In the hot heat of summer guests to Beano’s Cabin arrive at the Beaver Creek stables, hop on a horse and enjoy a one hour trot to dinner. The trip offers breathtaking views of the mountains, aspen forest, wild raspberries bushes, friendly deer and the rush of a raging river. Never have I journeyed this way to a feast, Colorado cowboy style. It makes you feel as though you’ve earned the 5-course meal waiting for you upon arrival.

After walking through the entrance of Beano’s luxurious alpine lodge my jaw dropped. I was greeted by a smiling host who stood in front of a cozy lounge featuring rock adorned fireplace. The decor here is classic Rocky Mountain lore featuring bear skin hide, antique ski and snow shoes, deer bust, framed cowboy loving landscapes and elk antler chandeliers. The property is located a significant hike from the resort at the top of a mountain thus offering stunning views via the dining rooms floor to ceiling windows. Throughout the meal a local musician strummed his guitar crooning moody Gorden Lightfoot vocals which sent chills down my spine.

Over the course of the next two hours I sipped and nibbled my way through an unforgettable meal. I watched Chef and his culinary team work busy like bees in the open concept kitchen while sipping on a Southern Mule. A basket of bread accompanied by whipped honey butter stopped by the table and was quickly devoured and replenished throughout the evening: addictive sweet cornbread, crispy parmesan and leek gougere and soft butter rolls.

My 5-Course feast that evening was a pomp filled parade prepared by Chef Bill Greenwood who is clearly keen on showcasing local and fresh seasonal tastes of place. Silky olathe sweet corn bisque was followed by a wee salad featuring greens plucked from Beano’s very own garden. My penchant for pork was satisfied with a wood roasted pork belly and whisky glazed berkshire porterhouse which sat on top creamy anson mills grits accompanied by a dollop of sweet apple preserves. Foraged porcini mushrooms were paired with puff balls, sorrel, bed straw greens and a floral peach preserve. Sweet finish featured wild rhubarb and strawberry puree with sweet honey cream, and a crunchy brown butter crumble.

Satisfied guests congregate on the patio for the shuttle back to Beaver Creek Village. They stand still with glazed over eyes and smug mugs. Everyone silently contemplates their Beano’s experience indicating that we all want to take a moment to relish in our food coma’s and take in the stunning scenery one last time before flopping into bed.

The Feast:

Southern Mule

jack daniels whiskey, ginger beer, fresh lime juice

Cucumber and Mint Martini

breckenridge vodka, mint, cucumber, apple juice

Left Coast Cellars Calis Cuvee Pinot Noir, Oregon

Beautiful Bread + Honey Butter

cornbread, parmesan and leek gougere, butter rolls

Olathe Sweet Corn Bisque

Greens From The Garden

beets, yogurt mascarpone, poppy seed, potato chips, rhubarb vinaigrette

Wood Roasted Pork Belly

grilled palisade peaches, pickled mustard vinaigrette

Foraged Porcini Mushrooms

puff ball mushrooms, sorrel, bed straw greens, peach preserve

Whisky Glazed Berkshire Porterhouse

creamy anson mills grits, honey glazed carrots, apple preserves

Wild Rhubarb

rhubarb strawberry puree, sweet honey cream, orange, basil, brown butter crumble

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