Adamson Barbecue Restaurant in Toronto

The last place on earth I ever thought I’d find legit Texas barbecue is in the middle-of-nowhere Toronto aka an Industrial Park in Leaside.

After reading a few ecstatic reviews for Adamson Barbecue I chirped at my cousin Chris and told him we were going on a road trip north of Bloor to check out a buzzed about BBQ joint. The place is only open for lunch and regularly sells out so I was advised in advance to show up before the place opens in order to guarantee a seat for a much needed carnivorous feast.

Adamson Barbecue opens at 11am so we arrived at 10:40am to play it safe. We were greeted by a growing line of meat munchers who were happy to stand in a blizzard to get their morning fix of stellar smoke. Once the door opened we stood for some time as each bundled up guest chirped their order to smiling staff. Over the next two hours as we devoured our finger-licking-good lunch a steady stream of BBQ lovers snaked their way out the door and down the block. The restaurant is literally in the middle of nowhere, so you’d never happen upon the place while window shopping. Adamson’s success is a perfect example that if you produce a quality product people will take notice, and they’ll tell all their friends.

And so at 11:05am we plopped ourselves down under a Texas flag, squirted a generous stream of sweet BBQ sauce and dug in to a steaming tray they call the Texas Trinity. It’s the must-order option on the petite menu if you’re dining for two. The signature platter features juicy brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, a divine jalapeno and cheese curd sausage (oozing with fromage), buttermilk ranch potato salad, plump pinto beans (whose sauce is best sopped up with slices of freshly baked bread), creamy coleslaw, pickle, onion and your choice of cookies or slice of pie.

And if you’re having trouble deciding…the Peanut Brittle Pie is beyond words!  A flaky pie crust wedge arrives filled with sticky n’ sweet caramel topped with roasted peanuts. Leave your calorie counter at the door because this year your New Years resolution should be “eat so hard you can’t stop smiling.”

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