Tasty Tour of Toronto’s Kensington Market

I recently went on a Tasty Tour of Toronto’s Kensington Market. I met friends on a Sunday at 2pm on a cool but sunny winters afternoon.

The Toronto food tour features five sweet shops in Kensington Market led by sweet tooth extraordinaire Audrey Ooi. Ms. Ooi is well versed in everything sweet and does a great job throughout the tour describing everything from the history of the sugar trade to cocoa farming.

She used an iPad to show the group pictures relating to the sweet sampled in each of the shops visited. If you are a first time visitor to El Torro or have grown up in the city Audrey’s Taste Tour is a delightful way to spend an afternoon satisfying your sweet tooth with friends.

We visited the following shops:

Butterfly Chinese Bakery: Hong Kong Egg Tart

Cora’s Kitchen: Cupcake

Chocolate Addict: Truffle and Bernard Callebaut Hot Chocolate

Pancho’s Bakery: Churros and Rosca De Reyes (King’s Rings)

Blue Banana Market: Marshmallows

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