Fresh Restaurant Toronto Serves Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes Downtown

Fresh Restaurant Toronto is the city’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Ruth Tal’s vegetarian restaurant empire in Toronto now boasts six locations.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Locations

Vegetarians and vegans in Toronto rave for Fresh Restaurant in Toronto. You can enjoy some of Toronto’s best vegetarian and vegan dishes at these six locations.

The dining room at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.
The dining room at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.

A History of Fresh Restaurant Toronto

Toronto’s favourite vegetarian restaurant first started as a travelling juice bar called Juice For Life in 1990. After traveling and working around the world for seven years, Ruth Tal tried her first fresh carrot juice. After learning about the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juice, she developed an evangelical desire to share what she had learned.

When Tal returned to Toronto she had become a vegan and found it hard to find a restaurant to eat that catered to her dietary needs. She opened her first restaurant in the Queen Street Market, across from the CityTV and MuchMusic headquarters.

Three years later the restaurant was bursting at the seams. She launched her first full-service location in an old Hungarian schnitzel house in the Annex on Bloor Street. By 1999, the restaurants partners decided the name Juice for Life no longer represented the businesses evolution. And so Fresh Restaurants was born!

Perusing the menu at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.
Perusing the menu at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.

Food Philosophy at Fresh Restaurant Toronto

All of the food at Fresh Restaurant’s six Toronto locations are made from scratch with wholesome and natural ingredients.

Ruth Tal explains, “Our food is being prepared in our kitchens almost all day, every day. It has to be, since we don’t freeze anything, or keep it for longer than necessary. We make it and serve it as soon as possible, day after day. We don’t cook with butter, dairy, eggs, honey or any other hidden animal by-products. However, dairy is offered as a side option throughout the menu.”

The restaurant caters to all people, whether vegetarian, vegan or omnivores keen to try something new. You can join the vegetarian restaurant’s healthy eating ethos by cooking at home from one of four Fresh cookbooks.

Sweet Potato Fries with Miso Gravy at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.
Sweet Potato Fries with Miso Gravy at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Menu

Toronto’s best vegetarian restaurant has a massive menu. It’s a popular brunch restaurant in Toronto for vegans featuring healthy salads, smoothies and hearty bowls.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Smoothies

  • Ocean Blue: organic cold pressed apple, blueberry, banana
  • Starburst: organic cold pressed apple, tart cherry, banana
  • Strawberry Swirl: strawberry, coconut milk, banana, organic cold pressed apple
  • The Wizard: organic cold pressed pineapple & orange, strawberry, banana
  • Rainbow: organic cold pressed orange & strawberry, banana, blueberry
  • Pink Flamingo: spring/summer organic cold pressed watermelon, banana, strawberry
  • Big Green Kale: spinach, dates, vanilla, banana, coconut milk, cinnamon
  • Green Dream: kale, spinach, dates, peppermint chlorophyll, almond milk, banana
  • Radiant Green: almond butter, ginger, kale, organic cold pressed apple & lemon, banana, spinach
  • Green Detox: kale, spinach, blueberry, organic cold pressed apple & lemon, banana, ginger

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Starters

  • Grilled Cornbread: with cashew cheese two pieces
  • Dragon Broccoli:  broccoli, miso gravy, banana chilies, scallions, sesame seeds, chili oil
  • Dragon Fries: miso gravy, banana chilies, scallions, sesame seeds, chili oil sub sweet potato fries
  • Buffalo Cauliflower: spicy buffalo sauce, ranch, hemp, celery
  • Poutine: fries, mushroom gravy, fresh ‘cheese’ sauce
  • Green Poutine: fries, steamed greens, mushroom gravy, fresh ‘cheese’ sauce, scallions, sunflower seeds
  • Quinoa Onion Rings: hand-crafted, coated with breadcrumbs & puffed quinoa
Fresh Restaurant Toronto's signature Buddha Bowl.
Fresh Restaurant Toronto’s signature Buddha Bowl.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Wraps

  • Soup, Salad & Cornbread Combo: cup or bowl of soup, superfood salad, grilled cornbread, cashew cheese, choice of dressing
  • Superfood Salad: edamame, napa cabbage, cucumber, microgreens, parsley, cilantro, Fresh Salad Topper, lettuce, choice of dressing
  • Big Salad: avocado, red pepper, tomato, carrot, cucumber, hemp, lettuce, choice of dressing
  • Detox Caesar: power greens, brazil nut parmesan, tempeh bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, flowers, lemon, caesar dressing
  • Tangled Thai: spiralized carrot & yellow beets, red pepper, red cabbage, jicama, napa cabbage, peanuts, cilantro, cucumber, Fresh Salad Topper, peanut lime dressing
  • Ultimate Falafel Salad: green falafel, crispy onions, heirloom grape tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, mint, parsley, cranberries, lettuce, tahini, zhug, amba
  • All Star: quinoa, power greens, marinated adzuki, goji, heirloom grape tomatoes, cucumber, mixed nuts, parsley, cilantro, sunflower sprouts, sweet potato, tofu steaks, choice of dressing
    Phytosalad: microgreens, sprouts, flowers, soba noodles, lettuce, edamame, crispy onions, tofu steaks, mixed nuts, napa cabbage, mint, lemon, lime, sun-dried tomato, 3*6*9 dressing
  • Monster Protein Salad: tempeh, tofu cubes, avocado, chick peas, cranberries, marinated adzuki, red cabbage, cucumber, heirloom grape tomatoes, watermelon seeds, lettuce
Energy Fresh Bowl at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.
Energy Fresh Bowl at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Tacos

  • Crispy Cauliflower Tacos: jicama, avocado, garlic mayo, napa cabbage, beet sauerkraut, lemon
  • Squash Tacos: crispy panko squash, power greens, jalapeno/lime sauce, tomato, onion, cilantro
  • Grilled Tofu Tacos: tofu steaks, power greens, tomato, jalapeno/lime sauce, onion, cilantro
  • Falafel Tacos: green falafel, red cabbage, tahini, zhug, amba, crispy onions, tomato

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Wraps

  • Rebel Wrap: grilled power greens, cashew cheese, avocado, quick pickled yellow beets, lettuce, garlic mayo
  • Buffalo Wrap: crispy chick’n, buffalo sauce, ranch, carrot, alfalfa, lettuce, tomato
  • Black Bean Burrito: spicy black beans, avocado, fresh ‘cheese’ sauce, cilantro, alfalfa, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, hot sauce
  • Clubhouse Wrap: tempeh bacon, crispy tofu steaks, tomato, lettuce, garlic mayo
Super Protein Salad at Fresh vegetarian restaurant.
Super Protein Salad at Fresh vegetarian restaurant.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Burgers

  • Banquet Burger: tempeh bacon, fresh ‘cheese’ sauce, garlic mayo, pickles, alfalfa, lettuce, tomato, red onion
  • Flying Cashew Burger: avocado, quick pickled yellow beets, garlic mayo, red cabbage, carrot, cashew cheese
  • Chipotle Mushroom Bacon Burger: chipotle mayo, tempeh bacon, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, alfalfa
  • BBQ Burger: bbq sauce, quinoa onion ring

You May Also Enjoy These Other Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

Beach Fresh Bowl at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.
Beach Fresh Bowl at Fresh Restaurant Toronto.

Fresh Restaurant Toronto Fresh Bowls

  • Buddha: peanut sauce, tofu cubes, tomato, cilantro, cucumber, red cabbage, jicama, tajin, scallions, peanuts, lemon
  • Macrobiotic: steamed greens & broccoli, sweet potato, beet sauerkraut, nori, marinated adzuki, microgreens, watermelon seeds, choice of sauce or dressing
  • Tiger: grilled napa cabbage & power greens, crispy tofu cubes, chili oil, red peppers, cashews, sesame seeds, scallions, 3*6*9 dressing
  • Green Goddess: steamed greens & broccoli, tempeh, pickled ginger, sunflower seeds, tahini, nori, ginger tamari sauce
  • Powerhouse: avocado, chick peas, tofu steaks, sunflower sprouts, sunflower seeds, mixed nuts, tomato, red onion, spicy tahini
  • Beach: grilled red pepper, zucchini & sweet potato, avocado, sun-dried tomato, sunflower sprouts, lemon, beach sauce (olive oil, tamari & mixed herbs), choice of tofu steaks, goat cheese or cashew cheese
  • Essential Greens: steamed greens & broccoli, tofu steaks, brazil nut parmesan
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