How To Make A Smirnoff Rocket

My friend Juan informed me of a new beer cocktail he insisted that I try. The Smirnoff Rocket is simply one part beer (lager) and one part Smirnoff Ice. I used Krombacher Pils as it is a bit hoppy and balanced out the citrus and sweet in the Smirnoff Ice nicely. The Smirnoff Rocket is a perfect beverage to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. Thirst quencher! You will have probably already noticed the posters around the city (mainly at your Subway stop) promoting this new concoction. Try it out you may be surprised how much you like it!

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      1. It’s one of those drinks where people say it won’t taste good but once you try it you realize it adds some taste to the beer and cuts the sweetness of the Ice.

  1. Best way is a little less than half, use coors light and 2 parts beer 1 part smirnoff, and some ice or a chilled glass.

  2. I hate to admit it, but Smirnoff Ice mixed with Great Western Breweries Gold (a cheap variety of strong beer) over ice (blasphemy!) is oddly delicious. As said above, it adds flavor to the beer (while cutting the harshness) and balances out the sweetness of the Ice.

    I wouldn’t recommend downing more than two in a night – it’s a turbocharged beer shandy, and I’m sure a mix like this will mess you up but good and leave you hurtin’ the morning after.

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