Cheese: Smoked Boerenkaas

The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, organized by the Dairy Farmers of Canada, is the most prestigious cheese competition in Canada. Held every two years, it showcases the outstanding quality, variety, taste and versatility of Canadian cheese made from 100% Canadian cows milk. In 2011 a total of 203 entries from across Canada.

Boerenkaas is the Dutch word for “farmers cheese.” This naturally smoked cheese is made by Natural Pastures Cheese Company in British Columbia, Canada. A rich tasting semi-hard cheese known for its slightly zippy taste and lovely seasonal flavours. This was my favorite cheese out of all of the casein I had a chance to sample from the Grand Prix. At room temperature the cheese melts on the tongue and easily forms a paste on the inside your mouth. Warming the cheese slightly allows you to spread on rustic baguette with ease.

This stellar cheese was winner at The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix under the category “flavoured cheese with added non particulate flavouring.”


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