Evanturel Cheese by Thornloe in Ontario

Evanturel is Thornloe Dairy’s contribution to artisanal cheese (it is made in small batches – only 300 litres at a time). This cheese has a thin bloomy rind, which offers aromas of earth and mushroom. A line of vegetable ash marks the creamy interior. It is thought that this line acts as a means of retaining the moisture within the paste, making for a rich, smooth texture. Thornloe’s local geography (the Canadian Shield) and the cooler climate means that the cattle are eating more foraged grasses, as well as barley, but much less corn then herds in the south. It is believed this pattern imparts rich, full flavours to the cheese. Developed during the summer and fall of 2008, Evanturel hit stores in December and made a splash as a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

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