Bonnechere Cheese From Ottawa

The rugged Bonnechere River and the mysterious Bonnechere Caves are unique landmarks of the Ottawa Valley. A distinct feature of Bonnechere is the rind that is toasted over an open flame before aging. This painstaking process, traditional for certain Basque cheeses, imparts a delicious caramel essence which permeates the body of the cheeses as it ages, and provides a delicious contrast to the tangy and fruity body of the cheese. This unique Ontario product is produced by Back Forty Artisan Cheese with only 60 sheep used for milking.

Back Forty Farmers use raw sheep’s milk to create a semi-firm, palest yellow, with striking textured mahogany brown rind. It offers a moderate aroma of smouldering wood and balanced sweetness and salt with predominant acidity. Moderately long finish with flavours of citrus and slightly sour hickory smoke. Best enjoyed with a sweet ale.

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