Cheese: Beemster XO

Beemster XO is a premium cheese from Holland that undergoes a 26 month maturation before it is ready to be consumed.  As the cheese ages the flavors one tastes in the cheese expand while moisture exits the cheese. Thus leaving the cheese tasting crumbly and granular in one’s mouth.

Beemster cows and goats graze on pastures which are located 20 feet below sea level in Northern Holland. The rare blue sea clay of these pastures contains special minerals that give the milk a sweeter and softer milk fat.

I sampled two Beemster cheeses the first of which was a younger goat cheese. I was amazed at how the Beemster XO flavor profile transformed (compared to the younger goat variety). It was as complex as Parmigiano Reggiano.  Truly an amazing cheese to sample with friends as it really makes you think about whats going on in your mouth! Unusual and delightful creme mouth feel hints of astringency at the jaw line and lactose salts that crunch between your teeth.



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